10 things you can do it in UK that you cannot in the USA?

British Culture: What things can you do in the UK that you cannot in the USA?

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The City of London is one of the most important cities in the UK, as well as its cultural importance worldwide, where the city is characterized by its history and civilization, which attested to her the world a long time ago, and come to visit her a lot of tourists of various nationalities, because they include many places Tourist and historic as the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben Clock, and other attractions.

NOW10 things you can do it in the UK that you cannot in the USA?

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10 things you can do it in the UK that you cannot in the USA
10 things you can do it in the UK that you cannot in the USA

Get access to safe, free abortions usually free of obnoxious protesters outside the clinics.

Get free contraceptives on anyway, shape or form (pill, IUD, injection, whatever, it’s all free and no non-medical questions asked).

Be a politician anywhere in the UK and openly say that evolution is scientific fact without it being considered controversial.

Get monumentally drunk at 18 in public legally.

Spend a ridiculous amount of money on train fare to barely get you a couple of cities over.

Spend more money on a holiday in the UK than if you’d just gone to bloody Europe.


Pay over £100 per year for a TV license.

Pay over £100 per year for a TV license.
Pay over £100 per year for a TV license.

Conduct day to day activities like withdrawing money from a bank or posting a parcel in buildings older than the U.S.

Struggle to find adequate Mexican food.

Barbecue in the pouring rain in 12 degrees Celsius wearing a pair of shorts and flip-flops because it’s British summer time, damn it.

Watch people get incredibly passionate about the steadily rising price of a frog-shaped chocolate bar.…

– You can be “bound over to keep the Queen’s Peace” without gaining a criminal record (unless you break the bind over).
– See news reports from all around the world as part of a normal bulletin, even if there are no British people involved.
– Watch an advert on the TV knowing that it is completely truthful
– Drive forty miles and find people who speak English with a completely different accent/dialect from where you started
– Get elected into Parliament without once ever having to go on a campaign financing campaign, or suck up to special interests
– Get a medal, a knighthood, or even a peerage, from doing your normal day job well, if it benefits the nation.
– Serve as a police officer without receiving any firearms training at all (though you can if you want to)
– Serve as a part-time “special constable” police officer (with full powers of arrest) without getting paid anything for doing it
– Wear a white wig as a barrister when you are representing your client in court.
– Go onto private land without permission, if you do so to pick wild mushrooms.
– Use a public right of way across the private land, even if the landowner objects.
– Get treated for cancer and other serious medical conditions at public expense, no matter whether you can pay anything or not.
– Pay a fixed prescription charge of £8.40 per item, no matter what the drug actually costs. And a lot of people don’t pay anything at all. The downside is that you can only get things approved by NICE, so some newer or expensive things aren’t covered. Also, cheaper drugs are still charged at this fixed price.
– Walk into a doctor’s office or hospital and get treatment, without anyone asking for insurance or credit card details.
– Know that there is zero chance you will be made bankrupt by a health issue.
– Have the RIGHT to be baptized, married, and for a funeral in your local (Church of England / Anglican / Episcopal) parish church, even if you don’t attend.
– Go to college in “New Buildings” that was constructed in the 16th century.
– Walk or drive down a road that was originally built by the Romans and has been in more or less continuous use ever since.
(Granted most of these are for England. Other countries within the UK are sometimes similar but can be wildly different.)

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