A complete comparison between Amazon Prime and Netflix, Which is better?

Amazon Prime VS Netflix

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In recent years, the “entertainment content networks” have gained considerable popularity and have become widely popular around the world. They have become a strong competitor to the world’s largest production studios and television networks. Some believe that the spread of this type of service, Poses a major threat to the future of the film industry and television content.

Netflix has been the leader in this field, and thanks to its success, many other networks that offer similar services such as Hulu American have emerged, but Netflix did not receive real competition until after Amazon launched Amazon Prime Video, Which in a short period of time has been able to obtain rights to offer exclusively online for a large number of films and television content, and has been providing services in many countries that were unique to Netflix in the past.

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Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a great video as a guide to the service, and in the face of increasing competition between them, the viewer finds himself in front of

One question is urgent: Netflix or Amazon Prime Video Which service is better? This is exactly what YOURGRADGEAR tries to do

Answer it by making a simple comparison between them, reviewing both the advantage and disadvantage.

The size of content available on each network

The size of content available on each network
The size of content available on each network

The visual entertainment content is a great deal of excellence and diversity available through both Netflix and Amazon Prime, and each

Network contains a huge amount of famous and distinctive work. Statistics indicate that the number of businesses that,

It is broadcast over the Netflix network of more than 5000 works, while Amazon has about 16,000 series and film films.

Amazon has the rights to broadcast a wide range of film and television productions. It also features many popular HDR works, as well as collaboration protocols with more than one international television network, the most important of which is the American HBO network. Netflix has the exclusive right to display Online for a large number of the latest serials and TV shows.

But regarding of original production, what is it size and technical level?

A few years ago Netflix went to offer original works of its own production and proved through its service exclusively, followed by Amazon and went the same way in the hope of catching up with them, and both networks have been able to provide varied entertainment between short series and long series, programs and films Fiction.

Most of the original production works of the two networks have received high ratings, received positive reviews, some even compete for many high-profile awards, but ultimately Netflix remains the largest, most productive, best rated and most popular business. Especially with regard to television series, which recorded high viewing rates, which led to the renewal of most of them to new seasons.

We can show this clearly and simply by reviewing the titles of the most successful soap operas, most of which have been followed over the last two years, and we will find that quite a few of them belong to Netflix productions such as 13, House of Cards, Black Mirror, “The Crown,

Stranger Things, Narcos , “La Casa De Papel “ and the menu can accommodate more, in addition to the six series of the Marvel world.

Bears and tricks in the series Black Mirror … really what you see is not all? 

Bears and tricks in the series Black Mirror ... really what you see is not all
Bears and tricks in the series Black Mirror … really what you see is not all

Netflix has also made a series of feature films, which have been very successful and have competed in films such as The Meyerowitz Stories, Mudbound: Gerald’s Game, and Netflix’s biggest production, Bright Will’s Smith, with a budget of 90 million American dollar.

On the other hand, many of the original works were featured through Amazon Prime, such as Bosch, Hand of God, Transparent, but most of the works did not achieve the same level of fame and popularity that Netflix’s original productions had over the past years, which made it a strong competitor for months Production studios, and global television networks.


The original production is of great interest to people who are not English speakers.

The original production is of great interest to people who are not English speakers.
The original production is of great interest to people who are not English speakers.

In recent years, Netflix and the Amazon network have become very popular, and their service has attracted millions of people from all over the world, both of which have been able to satisfy customers from different peoples by producing original works – exclusively through their broadcast service – Many languages ​​are not English.


Since its inception, the Amazon network has provided seven original English-speaking works, but has focused heavily on Asian countries. It has presented three Indian-language series, two Japanese-language series and one Korean series in exchange for one series – only six episodes  German speaker- Entitled You Are Wanted.

Netflix is ​​the most active non-English speaking business. The original series of the series has so far reached 13 titles in ten different languages: French, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, Spanish, Argentinian and German. Netflix seems to have not only achieved what it has achieved so far. Its announced production plan for 2018 includes three new series of the same category, including a Danish-language series called The Rain. It has also announced that it is producing original Arabic- To the Arab public and to the Middle East.

Either the subscription value of each of the two networks:

Either the subscription value of each of the two networks:
Either the subscription value of each of the two networks:

Of course Amazon Prime and Netflix seek – to attract as many customers as possible from different cities of the world. Both give new customers a month’s free subscription so that they can fully experience the service before moving to the prepaid system and selecting between the options available on each network.

Amazon offers two main choices for customers to enjoy the visual content available through Amazon Prime:

Option 1: Allows the subscriber to take advantage of the full Amazon Prime service package, which includes, in addition to viewing visual content, cloud services, music listening and e-books, as well as shipping services associated with shopping through the Amazon Store, all for about $ 10 per month.

Option 2: Allows users to enjoy full video viewing without restrictions, but without any other prime services, for $ 99 per year or monthly subscription of $ 8.25.

Netflix is ​​the only provider of entertainment content across the Internet, but it also puts customers in front of many options and provides them with a variety of subscription systems to choose what suits them best:

System 1: Basic Subscription, which allows customers to view all of the content available over the network with standard quality SD for $ 8 per month

System 2: Standard subscription that allows customers to view the entire content on two separate monitors at the same time with HD quality for $ 10 per month

System 3: Premium subscription that allows you to see the same content on four different screens at the same time with high quality HDR, for $ 12

The Netflix services may vary widely from country to country, but in the end, the added value is not as impressive and does not exceed $ 1 in most cases.

Supported display modes

Supported display modes
Supported display modes

Making Netflix superior to Amazon Prime is a remarkable video, especially in terms of the number of digital devices that support it, and can be seen through its content, where you can say that Netflix offers can be viewed anytime, anywhere; because it supports Internet browsers On the computers, as well as mobile phones and of course TVs, while the Amazon Prime service is available mainly on the Amazon TV, in addition to a limited number of TVs!

Netflix was keen to achieve the highest levels of user satisfaction, not only to support as many operating possibilities as possible, but also to make it more accessible to enable users to access the content they want to see.

While Amazon Prime – though relatively similar to the main interface of the Netflix platform – is less organized, it includes all the content available through the service, whether available to the subscriber or not, and this may lead to dispersion and confusion, and makes access to the material to be seen, the order of preferences lists is more complex.

In conclusion, it can be said with confidence that Netflix continues to be the leader in the field of broadcasting entertainment content over the Internet, as it is the most widespread and the largest production, but calculated for Amazon Prime Tanh able to compete and impose itself on the scene, and achieve a good prevalence despite It is expected to expand further in the coming years in light of its activities in the field of film production and monitoring of large budgets for the production of exclusive television works.

It is certain that Netflix’s unique time in this field has passed, and that it will witness several mutations in the coming years. The global competition will not be confined to Amazon Prime, but many have announced their intention to launch an online entertainment platform, notably Disney, which already has the rights to exploit a wide range of famous works of art, in addition to the ability in the few months The past of its hegemony on major production studios after buying the largest proportion of its shares.

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