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After full sweep of social networking networks such as: Facebook and Twitter, it has become very rare for any new social networking application to be successful and to attract people’s attention to it and to count it in millions, unless it gives them a new feature or view and interaction, which is rare These days are the result of almost all the consumption of ideas, but one of them seems to have succeeded in changing the equation recently, and we may be on a date with the next giant networking.

The amino network is a social networking network that brings people with similar interests closer together, where the network application encompasses many different communities that allow you to browse and search according to your interest, and talk to people who share the same interests from all over the world… And a lot of other services within the scope of this application that has obtained AVG rating of 4.8 on the Google Apps App Store only, add a lot of comments, and positive responses to the application that seems to have admired many around the world to the point of making the average time spent by users in The application reaches up to 70 minutes, bypassing other social networking applications as per the application developer’s license.

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The application combines diverse communities ranging from anime and animation to sports, from groups of friends to school clubs, and allows to explore communities and talk to different users of the application from all over the world, in addition to the possibility of watching videos, blogging, available In more than one language, including the Arabic language, of course.

You can also create your own community in which your thoughts are spread out, share your interests with the world whatever they are, and create polls and many more.

What should I know before using an AMINO application?


The amino community is divided into two parts: a public society where anyone can create their own content, someone may publish blogs about your favorite series, or create a poll about his favorite athlete, as well as establish quick tests and ask questions or give an opinion and critique of a subject.

In closed societies, or accessible communities only, users can do all of the above, but within a more specific range.

Users can create private conversations or general and customized chat rooms, where public chat is open to any user for the application.

Each user has its own account or page that displays the username, but users can manipulate different aliases within each amino, and users can follow each other.


What are the amino societies featuring other networks?

The way topics are displayed in the amino network differs from other networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You will be browsing the news and updates according to their classifications and themes. That is, you are the one who will choose the content you will see in a simple and beautiful way, unlike the daily display system in Facebook and its algorithm in displaying content that you lose the freedom of choice, or make it harder at best.

In addition, the method of communicating and identifying new friends with the same interests is more distinct and straightforward, it is closer to the way of communicating through and begging.

It can be said that amino communities revived the communication system through the interactive forums that prevailed years ago with the touch of new social networking sites, unique content, and easy communication.

How to start using the application?

Actually amino is closer to being a collection of mobile phone apps, each of which is dedicated to a particular subject such as anime, soccer, or even your favorite video game like Ecraft or Fortnite for example, but there is a basic amino application where the user can access all the topics In one application. The application is available for Android and IOS platforms.

After you create your account on the application you will reach an interface with 3 options for exploring explore, my communities, and the Headlines tab, which includes the latest news and topics from ratings you can choose for yourself depending on your interests.



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