Are you already whimsical ?

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Around the world, millions of people ask only one question for their close friends: “Am I normal and nature?”

And the refuge for many of us to know the answer to the question is the Internet is looking a lot to see if our behavior and our bodies and emotions are out of the ordinary, or that they are within the conventional range?

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Many of us write, “Is it normal to talk to myself?” Or “How many times have you been able to practice a sexual relationship with your wife?” They are always looking for natural answers to many questions on websites to see if everything they are going through is normal. Search engines look like a flimsy rule to determine whether you are a stranger and a regular or not? Be aware that we have good news for you, as Yale University research confirms that it holds a lot of truth.

A normal situation is a relative situation that depends on time, place and circumstances, but there is a correct way to determine whether a person is normal!! That is why neuroscientists are calling for more recognition of the exotic natural state of all humans.

On20 February, 2018, a new study published in “the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences revealed” the myth of the natural life of humans and animals. This study was conducted by Avram Holmes and Lauren Patrick of the Department of Psychology, Yale University. “This study is based on the theory of evolution to show that the regularity of our brains is completely abnormal. During the 3.5 billion years of existential evolution on earth, change and diversity were the most common organisms and environments in life.

Evolution is the ability to adapt to changes, it changes with circumstances and times; because everything in existence from trees to people to countries and continents is always in constant change, the only fixed state is a constantly changing state, this means that any behavior can be Good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate, depending on the circumstance that occurs. Yale University researchers have analyzed many psychological states of many evolutionary differences, and concluded that there is no global profile of brain performance, and that evolutionary forces that determine our gender differ Amazing in human behaviors.

Therefore, they suggested that instead of examining behaviors in isolation, mental illnesses can be better understood by studying behavioral patterns and complex changes associated with distributed brain systems.

In other words, from the point of view of psychiatry, trying to define and identify people in one way is a totally unsuccessful attempt. Classical psychiatry classifies people in specific ways, while the world is by its very nature broad. Therefore, they suggest instead that each individual be assessed and understood individually from a psychological point of view, but according to a wide range of different behaviors and attitudes.


The results of the study and the reports published by these two worlds have shown that we are all a bit strange, and being strange is actually quite normal.


The study by scientists at Yale University suggests that the world is not neatly divided into healthy or unhealthy, ideal or imperfect, and by studying the analysis of a set of features the researchers show that these qualities exist along a chain that has undergone many developments, “Natural” about ” whimsical,  ” is impossible, for example: you feel that talking to yourself strange, you should know that not talking to yourself is not objectively better, and for a question such as: “How often do most couples have sex with their wife?” It makes sense to think that there is a different set of sexual behavior that is common and common to For all, there are of course extreme cases in which some characteristics or behavior are clearly incorrect, but despite all the most obvious and very common maladjustments, there is always a combination of good and bad results in each particular difference.

For example, we take anxiety: Is it strange or bad if you are worried about most of the other people you know in your life? Well, science shows that anxiety may make you safer, which leads you to be better prepared in important areas of your life, and to improve your memory even if you do not feel it is often good. Is it a win or a loss? You also have to look at the risk. It is likely that your chance to face some serious incidents that threaten your life is your chance to achieve your dream and change your life, so strengths and weaknesses are closely linked.

As explained by the famous “psychologist” Avram J Holmes:

“There is no fixed natural state, there is a level of variation in each of our behavior, a behavior that is not completely negative or completely positive, and there are always potential benefits for both, depending on the context or situation in which you are placed.”

“We are all seeking some artificial and stereotypical models, whether physical or youthful, in intelligence or personality, but we need to recognize the importance of contrast and difference, both in ourselves and in our surroundings,” concludes Holmes.

If you think you are whimsical it is closer to normal; because everyone else is. So, stop feeling anxious or angry or ashamed of your idealistic personality, your weaknesses that you think may be your strengths, stop thinking about bad qualities as if they are strange flaws, think that these qualities are extreme manifestations of some of your good qualities, you can focus on adjusting these behaviors rather than hating yourself.


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