Atheism crisis: religion of no religion!

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Atheism in its broad concept is an intellectual tendency manifested by not taking a position on how the universe was created since ancient times.  For atheism to be described as faith is the absence of a deity and keeper of the universe and this concept has emerged since the idea of ​​a God exists.

But the emergence of atheism as a term and as an intellectual school with its Thinkers, scientists and philosophers is one of the highlights of the European Renaissance and Enlightenment, especially in the mid-19th century, by German scholar Max Mueller.


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This is in terms of history, and in terms of the attitudes of people adhering to this idea, the majority of them were elite, the elite that held many names, notably prominent figures such as: Arthur Shubinhar, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean Paul Sartre, Bertrand Russell, Ibn al-Muqaffa ‘, al-Ma’ari, al-Razi and many others of the distinguished intellectual classes.


Now, the situation is different. The new atheist tendencies have become somewhat shoaly, and there are many common features of today. We will not talk about Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris or Daniel Dennett. They became more famous than atheists thinkers now!

The new contemporary atheism is in a real crisis, although there are common characteristics that can be felt, It is what we will mention next.

Now we will overlook the stage of agnosticism

After all the holy sites that you believed in have been lost in one go, and after you open your eyes to the sun of painful truth away from all the rhetorics and emotions that religions have mastered in playing and exploiting, there must be logical entry into a phase of loss,A phase characterized by the equivalence of evidence and the lack of any of them , A stage called agnosticism.


The crisis of atheism is largely polarized, atheism either positive or negative, either with us or against us, atheism not unlike religion, atheism suddenly moved from the stage of belief to something to the stage of exile, Without going on a middle platform with equal evidence or equal!


The correct arrange  is to have a belief in something, and then shake that belief and not knowing it to be true or wrong, and then the belief disappears from its origin if it has to go away. Which occurs in the new of atheism, that it jumps directly from belief to not!


everyone doesn’t agree to this vision, as some see that the agnosticism is a lazy position rather than a basic stage that must pass on it, it is a station taken by the man for fear of access to atheism frank, especially after the faith for a long time, and then tries to leave the door little open so as not to Reaches an irrevocable place, then suspended within the agnosticism.


Whatever the correct proposition, the new atheist crisis remains a quick polarization, without taking into account any important stages that must be passed on it, or at least taken into account, which makes some of them say that it is emotional based on positions rather than intellectual and based on research and hopes.


Belief in horoscopes

He was not a normal atheist, he was an atheist who believed in horoscopes! The guide to the rapid polarization of religious / non-religious ideas currently prevailing is that it is associated with the non-functioning of the brain wheel located between the shoulders. As a result, you will find an atheist who claims logical scientific thinking, but at the same time believes in the horoscopes! He believes in the movements of the earth, Venus and Mars and their relation to the destinies of humans and how they will live their days. Atheism comes as one package. This package requires blowing up all the myths, ideas and orientations that are not fixed and Reverse to logic or those that clash with science and sometimes with mind. But having atheism with faith in horoscopes is really laughable. I think If Bertrand Russell or Nietzsche saw this talk, they would desperate of the atheists today, and all the effort they have made in their work and their writing to draw an enlightening path is completely different from what is happening now in the context of the appearance of the new ascendant atheism.



As religious people used to say to deny that these bad guys are believers who do not represent religions; atheists must say that these idiot atheists do not represent atheism.

Atheism believes in horoscopes! Something really unfortunate.

cut all relation from whole history

The concept of atheism simply “is not to take a position on how the appearance of existence”, and thus is the belief that there is no God creator and creator of the universe. This is atheism as an idea and direction. The problem of neo-atheism is that it can be called atheism. Atheism is not only denying the existence of a god, but also denying the religions and their history and the history of those personalities who also lived.

Partial atheism of the historical connection to the land where religion originated from its roots!

Of the errors of the new atheists that they are obliterating the entire history, thus leaving the idea of ​​not believing in God in the whole process of history, so the lack of faith in God is consistent with the lack of faith in the history of religions and the values ​​that accompanied it, and may lead to a lack of faith in the fact that some central figures in the history of religions also !

Any fair-minded scholar will remember, in spite of his unbelief, that religions have a transitional importance that must exist. “Cultivation is inherent in man from the moment of his creation,” says Max Mueller, founder of religious science. Therefore, true atheism in the light of the scientific approach away from the atheism of towers recognizes religion as an existing and original human, especially as it was able at specific periods to achieve success on several levels, but failure was often faced because of the closure on the one hand, and the clash with modernity on the other hand .

This is what the authors of the fair scientific curricula say. Today’s atheists, who have God and history, historical figures and the evolution of religion over time, do not exist. And this is the worst that can be reached, not as a conviction that they wanted to be non-religious and became worse than the religion itself! But as an approach based on a never-sound approach.

Atheism means the belief that there is no God, and not the connection with history and the destruction of everything!





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