Best of Netflix Productions for the March – Part One

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A21 Thunder – Season 1

21 Thunder بوستر

Category: Drama and crime


Age group Rating: + 16


Display Date: 01/03/2018


A Canadian drama series produced for CBC TV and Netflix purchased the right to be presented exclusively, and its events revolve around the life of the “Montreal Thunder” team under the age 21 years, where the team players ‘ relations with each other within the stadium, their lives off the field with many dramatic events and problems Facing them.
The first season consists of eight episodes offered in Canada in August 2017 and was rated by the public on the website of the “film Database” 6.2/10.
The series is authored and directed by a working team composed of a number of writers and directors, starring both “RJ Fetherstonhaugh”, “Stephanie Bennett”, and “Emmanuel Kabongo”.


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B: The Beginning – Season 1

B The Beginning بوستر

Category: Anime


Age group Rating: + 16



Display Date: 02/03/2018


A Japanese mystery and sci-fi series produced by the “Production I.G” studio in conjunction with the Netflix network, and its events revolve around the investigator “Keith Kazama” which works the royal police, renowned for its superior ability to solve all cases, hunts the “Keith” a mysterious serial killer called “Killer B”, which works In favour of a criminal organization and caused a large number of crimes in the city.


The first season consists of 12 episodes and performs the vocal performances of the characters both “Hirohirata” and “Yūki Kaji” and “Asami Seto” while the serial “Katsuya Ishida” was written out by “Kazuto Nakazawa” and “Yoshiki Yamakawa”.
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