Basic rules for blazer Buttoning

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Many men may miss most of the small details to show that they are not as valuable as long as they care about the overall appearance, and in their suit, but in fact some small details are very important, such as the basic rules for fasten the suit jacket, you may corrupt your style and have a very negative side. What are the benefits of following the principles and basic rules for fasten the jacket?

And what are those rules?

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There are many reasons to take care of how to Buttoning your jacket:

  1. Follow the basic principles and rules for fasten the suit jacket for others and your interest in detail.
  2. Many men who do not wear the uniform do not care and are not aware of the basic rules for wearing a jacket, So men who follow these rules because they wear a uniform constantly use those small details to identify their likes Men are regular in wearing suits and attention to detail
  3. Follow the basic rules for fasten suit jacket, make the man appear more elegant, more attractive and more arranged.
  4. Knowing the principles of removing some of the selected buttons gives you a lot of comfort sitting, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles in the jacket, as it keeps the buttons of the jacket from falling.
  5. The allowances were designed assuming that the last button will never be closed, so many men who are unaware of the principles and basics of fasten the jacket may be exposed to the fall of the last button, and this situation may happen to everyone becomes very embarrassing.

Questions to ask

On yourself before wearing the jacket to follow the correct rules according to their type:

  1. Do I wear a single or double breasted blazer ?
  2. The buttons in the jacket in the case of wearing a single-breasted jacket?


Basic rules for the single-breasted blazer

The rules of the jacket are based on the number of buttons they contain.





Basic rules to Buttoning single-button blazer :


When wearing the one-button jacket, there are two basic rules that you must follow them in order to enjoy by every benefits already mentioned.


  1. You must fasten the only button in the jacket all the time and permanently.
  2. You can open the button in the one-button jacket in just one case: when you sitting


Basic rules to Buttoning double-button blazer :



  1. There is a basic rule you must follow it if you wear a double-button jacket, which is to leave the bottom button open and close the top button.
  2. Never, don’t open the top button, this button must be closed always.
  3. If you want to sit, you can open the top button, to get some rest and to prevent the crease of the jacket
  4. Immediately after you stand up, close the top button again, never don’t walk when it’s open.
  5. The lower button will never close under any circumstances or reasons but will remain open. If closed, the jacket will be tightly closed and tight around your hips, which may corrupt your appearance and restrict your movement.





Some exceptions in which you can break rules for fasten double-button jacket:

  1. Tall men may need to close the lower button, to keep the jacket over their waistline, although the three-button jacket may be the best fit for them.
  2. There are some modern jackets that designed so you can close the lower button without restricting your movement or causing it to pull the jacket around your hips.



Basic rules to Buttoning triple-button jacket:


1.     The middle button should always be locked in the stand position.

2.     You can open the middle button only when sitting.

3.     You can close or open the top button as your desire and your own comfort. It is optional, but if you sit, you should open it.

4.     Never don’t close the bottom button for whatever reasons.



The basic rules to Buttoning the double-breasted jacket:


The double-breasted jacket has six buttons, but there are only four slots for fasten only 4 buttons, to form the square shape.


The basic rule in fasten a double breasted jacket is to keep all the buttons closed even if you want to sit. The only situation you can make an exception is to eat. If you want to have some rest to eat, you can open all buttons.




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