Bose announces its new soundsport free

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Bose announced its new Soundsport free Bluetooth technology, which allows users to enjoy music tones while exercising aerobics is very easy, and new earphones have been designed to achieve a new balance between the size, performance, and continuity of During a wireless design designed to conform to the practice of sports.


Brian McGuire, a portable product manager in Bose, said: “The Soundsport free represents an ideal solution supported by modern technology that simulates the expectations of customers about headphones through two comfortable little earpieces, which provide a clear voice, easy use and a distinctive sense of being together.”
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Soundsport Free
Soundsport Free
The new Soundsport free headsets are based on a new sensor system to maintain strong and effective communication with each other on the one hand, and with the phone or tablet-PC associated with it, on the other hand, whether the device is 30 feet or in your pocket or in the gym bag or affixed to your arm.


It also allows you to listen to strong and clear music without any confusion or cut for up to 5 hours, thanks to a sound package includes Bose digital signal processing technology, enhanced audio balancer, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.




Soundsport Free is designed for intensive exercise and is equipped with the head of “Grandmother Hare”, which allows it to be comfortably and securely installed in the ears for long hours.


The speakers have a strong structure that achieves the IPX4 standard for waterproofing and sweating throughout the seasons and in different atmospheres, both in an internal environment outdoors, it also allows easy use of a mobile phone and a default personal assistant as soon as you press the right-wing handset.
Soundsport Free
Soundsport Free
The speakers will be available in three colors: black and white, blue with yellow and bright orange with bluish black, and will be available for sale by the various Bose stores and their authorized agents.

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