How do I obtain certified certification from Adobe?

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In the competitive atmosphere in the workplace, university degrees have become a necessary condition and not enough for getting a job. Therefore, the attention of students, graduates and even amateurs towards the international certificates accredited and recognized around the world to enrich the CV to attract employers and dazzling them by the experiences that you have if you are a student using an ADOBE program or a professional of one of its programs, and looking for a certificate that recognizes your experience, the solution is The certifications provided by Adobe and their types and requirements for obtaining them.

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We all know Adobe’s company that produced the most famous photo editing software “Photoshop” , this company has allowed its software users the opportunity to obtain certified certificates, and internationally recognized certificates are:

1- Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)
Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

To obtain this certification, you have to pass an exam that tests the primitive skills of an Adobe program. Where we can say that this test is for beginners, testing their ability to handle the program but not testing the deep knowledge of the program and its various tools. One of the advantages of the certificate is that it qualify you to participate in the international competition World Championship (ACA).

2- Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

2- Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)
2- Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

Is a certificate recognized by Adobe that you have enough and suitable knowledge of the program you have tested. This certification exam depends on the deep knowledge of Adobe’s various features and software. Therefore, enough work experience ranging from 2 to 5 programs is essential you must have it before you apply for the exam. In your experience and work, you must have dealt with most of the program’s tools in order to be able to pass the exam.


However, Adobe provides test instructions for each program in its various available versions. The guide includes information about the exam and subjects required. It is attached by a set of questions to assess your knowledge. If you can solve the questions, undoubtedly you will be ready to prepare for the exam. After obtaining the Adobe Certified Expert Certificate, you can use your company’s logo anywhere (business cards, your website, etc.) as long as the validity of the certificate is still in place.

3- Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI)

Anyone who does Adobe training and achieve the require conditions can apply for the (ACI) program, which gives subscribers the opportunity to obtain the Adobe Certified Instructor Certification (ACI).

Conditions to be met by subscribers:

  1. Pass the ACE exam in one of Adobe’s programs.
  2. The trainee must achieve the qualifications throughout obtaining a valid teaching license (CompTIA CTT , Microsoft Certified Trainer, Novell Certified Trainer, Louts Certified Trainer or Government Education License).
  3. Instructors are only entitled to teach Adobe courses for the program that they have get a certificate for training it only.
  4. Instructors working in the organization must study at least one of the Adobe programs.
  5. Trainers working at the institution should allow their students to make a random evaluate for the course offered. This evaluate is displayed to Adobe through a survey.

4- Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC)

In case you want to open a training center on the use and professionalism of Adobe software, and you want approval from Adobe you must have the following conditions:

  1. Pay membership fees.
  2. All classes offered by the Center must be provided by Adobe Certified Trainers.
  3. Lessons must be held at a training institute run by the company with regular logos for the company.
  4. The Center must train at least 15 students each month on Adobe programs.
  5. The Center should agree that students will make randomly evaluate for courses offered by the Center and display them to Adobe, using a survey provided by Adobe.

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