Elementor Review: Most Powerful WordPress Page Builder

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Elementor is one of the most advanced WordPress page builder on the market today. Packed with innovative features, reliable drag & drop, and regular updates, Elementor has taken WordPress web design by storm. 

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Elementor is also the most popular full-featured free page builder. But what about Elementor pro? Although the free version comes with a robust set of features, the Pro version is more suited for people who want to do more with their websites.

Not sure if Elementor is the right page builder for your site? In this review, we will discuss what this tool is all about, including its features and help you to decide whether or not to use it.

Key Features of Elementor

Front-End Page Builder

Elementor Review Most Powerful WordPress Page Builder
Elementor Review Most Powerful WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is a front-end page builder, which is a more improved compared to a back-end builder. When using a back-end page builder, you will not be able to see how the changes you just made look like instantly. For instance, changing the color of a heading, you need to click Update, wait a few minutes before you see the changes. This applies to every single change.

This process is extremely slow, making creating WordPress websites very boring, and this is why we recommend front-end page builders like Elementor. As a front-end builder, you will have a real-time preview of every change made.


Elementor for mobile
Elementor for mobile

As more site visitors use their mobile devices when accessing the internet, it is now essential to have a mobile-friendly site. As soon as you get started customizing your site in Elementor, it is easy to get carried away and do all kinds of things, such as adding paddings or margins to your sections.

Note that the modifications that you do in one mode don’t impact the other modes. For example, if you alter the spacing in the Mobile mode, it won’t affect the spacing from the Desktop mode, which means that your initial background formatting remains unchanged.

Templates and Blocks

Templates and Blocks
Templates and Blocks
  • Page Templates

Page templates are a massive time saver. It allows you to create a specific type of webpages in only a couple of clicks. For instance, if you would like to build a landing page for a particular brand quickly, there is a landing page template that you could load to your site in just a couple of seconds. You can find templates by clicking the folder icon at the page bottom.

  • Blocks

Blocks are sections which, like page templates, you can easily load into your webpage. There are blocks for all types of sections, such as the listing of attributes, FAQs, reviews, call-to-actions, About Us, and much more.

In-Line Text Editing

You can even edit texts on the preview area itself. This is an additional extra touch, which makes the experience more comfortable and quicker. There are many customization choices for texts such as enabling drop cap, changing the color and size, enabling text shadows, changing font family, and much more.

Works with Any WordPress Theme

Elementor is designed to work with any WordPress theme, but there are four WordPress themes that we can agree that they are most compatible with this tool. They include:

  • Page Builder Framework Theme
  • Ocean WP
  • Generate Press
  • Astra

These themes have free and paid versions.

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What About Elementor Pro – Should You Upgrade to The PRO Version?


All of the features mentioned above are what we think are the essentials for anyone to create a decent website. But you might consider getting the Pro version if you want to take your website a step further. Below are the top three reasons why someone might want to consider upgrading to the pro version:

The Pro Version Allows You Customize Each Part of Your Theme

When using the free version, you’ll be limited to editing only the content area of your webpage. Certain areas such as search results pages, archives, footers, and headers are almost always off-limits and might require coding to edit. This is very limiting in the event that you would like your site to stand out, but you do not understand how to code.

The Elementor Pro version allows you to create your own:

  • Search results page
  • Single blog post page
  • Archive page
  • Footers
  • 404 page

Extra Modules Will Make Your Life Easier

Elementor Pro comes with 30 additional modules that will allow you to create important parts of a site quickly, such as: 

  • Share buttons
  • Media carousel
  • Blockquote
  • Form integrations
  • Flip box
  • WooCommerce features (categories, products, add to cart)
  • Countdown
  • Price list
  • Grid blog posts
  • Pricing tables
  • Forms (login, contact opt-in forms)
  • Reviews

Access to pro updates and 24/7 support.

The Elementor team updates it regularly to resolve problems and add more attributes. Their 24/7 support can be available exclusively to Pro users. Though they possess an extensive knowledge base on their site, getting assistance from their staff can help you save valuable time and cash.

Elementor Pro Version Pricing

Elementor pro version comes in three packages:

Personal – $49 for use on one website

Plus – $99 for use on three websites

Expert – $199 for use on 1000 websites

Each package offers similar features, and the only difference is the number of websites you want to create.

The pros and cons

The good

  • Regular updates
  • Extreme customization
  • Active Facebook group
  • Open-source
  • Global widgets are awesome
  • Great user interface
  • The core product is 100% free

The bad

  • Lacking some marketing-oriented features
  • Global vs. static templates can be confusing
  • Forced styling by default

Is Elementor Right for You?

Now that we have covered the different functions and features of Elementor and evaluated the pros and cons, it is time to know if this tool is right for you.

As with any tool, Elementor is not going to be a suitable choice for everybody. Elementor is for individuals who want to design stunning pages for their websites without actually being a designer, which includes budget bloggers, beginner bloggers, and high-level marketers.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Elementor is among the best, if not the best, free page builder on the market today. This advanced page builder even stands its ground against more established and premium page builders, with development showing no signs of slowing down. Elementor Pro is also worth your money considering all the extra power features and modules you will be getting.


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