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If you would like to be your own manager, then the Netherlands is a great place to consider starting up your own business. However, there are several administrative issues expats need to take care of.

In this article, we will teach you the steps you need to establish a company in the Netherlands


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What kind of firms can you establish a company in the Netherlands?

The Dutch BV (limited liability company)
The Dutch BV (limited liability company)


1) The Dutch BV (limited liability company). This kind of organization can become signed up if you have a minimum share capital of 1 EUR, according to the Company Laws recently changed. There are a series of requirements related to Board of Company directors and local business headquarters, both becoming required for what the regional regulations represent as “chemical”, but our firm INCO BUSINESS GROUP is definitely able to provide all needed solutions.

If investors establish a company a Dutch BV need to established this up as a Nederlander Holding Company, they will need to have the assistance provided by a local trust company or corporate and business secretary providers. They can get these services through (INCO BUSINESS).

 The General Partnership.
The General Partnership.

2) The General Partnership. This kind of business can be for companies with two or more partners united under the same name and having the same economic objectives, with unlimited responsibility on the firm’s bills. They talk about the profits among them and they don’t possess to present a minimum amount share capital, like for Nederlander BV. The personal assets of each general member of the relationship can end up being taken by the creditors if there are bad debts that can’t be covered by the company funds.






 Dutch Limited Collaboration.
Dutch Limited Collaboration.

3) Dutch Limited Collaboration. To sign-up, another kind of partnership, the Nederlander Small Relationship, is necessary at least two companions – one general who provides unlimited liabilities and requires the management decisions – and private one who must deliver a capital to the strong and has his liability limited to his contribution.



Professional Collaboration is formed by two partners
Professional Collaboration is formed by two partners

4) Professional Collaboration is formed by two partners, at least, who are responsible for their statements. This kind of business is certainly preferred for training a profession and not for business.







Public Liability Organization
Public Liability Organization

5) Public Liability Organization. This form of business is normally appropriate for large ventures and it needs a share capital of 45,000 EUR. The general reaching of shareholders is in charge of administrative decisions. The board of managers will become accountable for daily decisions.

Branches/Subsidiaries of foreign businesses. The representatives of foreign companies who want to open up a department or subsidiary in the Netherlands have to deliver the newly formed entity’s capital (in case of the Dutch Subsidiary) and hold responsibility for the recently created company’s activities (in case of a Dutch department).

What is the procedure for starting a business in the Netherlands?



If you decide to start a business in the Netherlands, you have to draw up the content articles of association and specimen signatures, fill in special forms and present copies of identity docs of the shareholders and company directors who will manage the firm. The Nederlander organization setup methods require a general public notary for signing and analyzing the functions. The businessmen should proceed to an authorized officer in the Netherlands and set up a loan provider account. Another step is certainly hiring an accountant after the company is certainly registered.

We can offer you accounting solutions also in additional European countries through our affiliates, such as Dubai, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Russian Federation etc.

We invite you to watch a video on the subject of business formation in the Netherlands:


The steps for signing up a business in the Netherlands


Providing almost all necessary information to our company for the incorporation. In the case of a Dutch BV for instance (the most popular type of company in Holland) you will have to supply:

Full info on shareholders and directors of the future Dutch company
Passport copies of shareholders (if natural persons), company directors, and UBO’s (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) if applicable
Apostilled Business Trade Register Extracts (Statutes issued by the Companies House) if the shareholders are other foreign companies
Required Social Capital (minimum amount is 1 EUR)

Stage 2

Visit a Nederlander Open public Notary to sign organization incorporation documents or indication the files abroad and send them in initial to our company’s address in Amsterdam. In the last mentioned case this paperwork will be supplied by our office and will possess to become properly legalized. Nevertheless, in this case, your visit to Holland will not end up being required.


Our business will file for incorporation with the Nederlander Trade Registry.

Before starting your Dutch business, the name of the new Dutch firm has to be checked at the Chamber of Commerce to see if it is acceptable in accordance with the Dutch Legislation. Then, the name can be appropriated and the investor will receive a certificate for that name. After that, he must open a lender account and deposit the minimum capital share. Next stage is the notarization of the company’s deed of incorporation, signed and drew up by a notary.

The documents of the new firm will become submitted to the Chamber of Commerce which will provide a registration number in just a few hours if the acts are delivered in person. This treatment may last a week if the documents are sent by post. The announcement of incorporation is made in the Netherlands Formal Gazette (Staatscourant) and the process will end up being performed by the Chamber.

A tax number must be obtained, so the investors must submit a registration form at the local tax authorities. A separate registration form for income tax must be shipped. The necessary forms are acquired at the regional taxes authorities or on official websites and must contain the company’s and member’s details.

After you registered the hard in the Netherlands, the owner should hire an accountant for assistance with the taxes, audit and financial consultancy.

If you need the services of a lawyer in the Netherlands, we can recommend you local attorneys who will provide you legal assistance during your business activities. We can connect you with lawyers all around Europe if you want to set up a firm in additional countries. Furthermore, in case you will like to start a hedge fund in the Netherlands or in various another country we invite you to check out FundWorld, your guideline on how to begin a fund anywhere in the world.

Economy overview in the Netherlands

Foreign investors choose to start a business in the Netherlands due to the country’s stable industry and economy. The main industrial activity in the Netherlands is usually the food industry. Millions of international traders came to establish a company in the Netherlands during the last decades, contributing to the economic growth of the nation.

Almost one-third of the foreign investors decided to set up a company in the Netherlands in the private sector, mainly the manufacturing sector. However, electrical machinery market, as well as executive products, chemicals, petroleum, and construction are highly developed too. However, the Netherlands is fairly attractive for firm formation credited to its favorable relations with countries all over the globe, especially Philippines, Belgium, France, and UK.


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