How do we make the graduation project the culmination of university years?

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Moments of anxiety, stress and tension that precede the final minutes of a year’s effort to search, explore, and solve the problems we face while working on a university graduation project.



How can we do if life is not always fair? What steps could be a guide to achieving the first achievement in life at the moment of graduation from university, to be the first in a series of future successes?


And who is not looking for a life full of achievement? Here are the following……


First: the proactive step is the solution


Just as we go to the fitness center to strengthen our muscles depending on the concept of positive repetition, you have to make the concept of graduation project a lifestyle during your undergraduate studies, not just a quick meal devouring the last year of graduation.


The ultimate goal behind the graduation project is to proof students’ ability to use the information and tools they have acquired during the course of the study; to solve the problems facing science and to enrich the lives of human communities with more achievements, with some theoretical luxury for scientific and academic research. Therefore, since the first year of acceptance to the university, make sure to: ·       See the technical trends in your field through the summer training companies, public and private institutions.·       Stand of the nature of graduation projects for those who grow up at the university education level (through colleges like this hannover studienkolleg), and what problems they face, and the tools they used to solve them.·       Attend seminars, conferences and local and international competitions if possible; to learn the latest problems of science in your specialization field·       Enhancing the skill of theoretical and applied scientific research through a small annual graduation project in cooperation with some friends,and  under the supervision of some professors.·       Choose a team with a high degree of passion and positive, and be able to understand with them,Your presence with them is convenient for you, and be sure to complete technical and scientific skills required; to achieve a graduation project that will be praised by professors.


Take care of these five points to make sure that your choice to your graduation project as a special choice based on full awareness of your preferences, so that you do not have to choose random. Now, towards the main starting point.



Second: the last summer vacation, and the year of effort

Over the course of the first three to four years I have been associated with the graduation project idea, and I was constantly updated with what is going on around you in your specialization field,and  I stood on the best subjects to study, and decided with your team and your teachers the final project to graduate.. Now, you have more to do.


  • Make a list of skills and information required to complete the project.
  • Make a gap analysis between the skills and information required, which you and your team already own to complete what you lack.
  • The graduation project is no longer just a theoretical research throw in the drawers. Many graduation projects have found their way into society, and small companies have become competitive and generate income for their owners. Keep in mind that you will become business major will own your own company, and that the graduation project may be its first year.
  • It is preferable to look for sponsors for financial and technical finance if needed, or make a budget for what the project can cost, especially in engineering colleges, where it needs a lot of tools and materials.
  • Work diligently and insistently over the last year, and not stop at the moments of natural small frustration , and the exploitation of time and linking it with the tasks to be performed, and learn to work in a team with some vision of the future, qualities required to crown the effort and race with success and achievement.



Your proactive step is the last summer vacation and a year of effort. your guided by a full ten  it may benefit you to be the final scene that you will not forget throughout your life “A sharp and warm clapping, a great appreciation in the eyes of the resident teachers of the project, the degree of excellence that follow  your graduation certificate throughout your life, and black hats flying in the air, Pleasure on the tunes of the hearts that played her first tune in life. “. ”




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