Internal design, secrets that the designers don’t uncover it

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Internal design experts have special tricks they do not uncover to keep the secret of the design task, and these secrets worthy of converting the barriers we face in our homes of various kinds to the advantages and opportunities to create an attractive design and special, and undoubtedly that the most Highlighted these barriers and most prevalent in the homes of this era is the challenge of small spaces.


Most of the time, the city’s houses Characterized with spaces and the dimensions that become an barrier in the design stage. However, we are going to live in these apartments, which will Let us a Practical life close to the heart of the city, and we do not reject this intelligent decision, but to get the skill of international designers to change the difficult situation to a spacious and practical space We will brief you on 6 of the most important interior design secrets used by specialists in creating amazing and simple decorations that break small space barriers. This list is based off of websites like Just DIY Decor, which has a myriad of more decor ideas.

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1.    Mirrors to double the space

Mirrors to double the space
Mirrors to double the space

The idea may be simple, but the presence of mirrors from the point of view of global designers is one of the most important tricks when faced with the barrier of small spaces, and although that this information is circulated strongly, but experts are always unique in the suitable method to use it to make a clear difference in the extension of the space visually.


There are two elements in the success equation of this trick, the first is the position and location of mirrors, it is safe not to be put in front of living and sitting areas, but put in the corridors and in front of spaces that are not vital in terms of use so as not to be a visual barrier or an annoying element in the space, the second element is the size and dimensions of the mirror, and it is prefer that the dimensions are smaller as you move towards the vitality areas and  be within sight.

2.    choosing the floors of a quiet color for a more balanced design

What we do not realize in all the amazing global designs is that every Factor in the space has a large weight in the design equation and can’t ignore any element at the expense of the other until the room reaches Expected success. Among these important factors is the flooring, at most times , it be the secret to balance any design, so that the room’s impression is bright and vibrant in small spaces, designers move towards neutral quite floors while avoiding any materials that may cause noise or variance,. The opposite of this rule applies to rooms with dramatic effect. We notice the effect of dark colors on floors over the daring of any space.

3- manipulation of the space colors for a larger area


manipulation of the space colors for a larger area
manipulation of the space colors for a larger area

The most mysterious trick is the use of different colors to make a clear difference in the size of space, and this secret has a magical effect on any room beside to the optical breadth, we notice that the overlap of vibrant colors in the space leaves  more joy and an   attractive and special artistic footprint, using dark colors as accents in a home may leave The design is impressive and rich in positive energy, as the creative designer has done here in the modern dining room when he trend to paint the wall by red .


4.    The use of vertical patterns and lines give Higher height

The use of vertical patterns and lines give Higher height
The use of vertical patterns and lines give Higher height

Sometimes, in some rooms the real barrier is the height of the ceiling. In this case, experts tend to use vertical patterns and drawings on the walls. and this is one of the great visual tricks that will give a deeper dimension to the space in a very simple way.

5.  Enter the natural lighting for a bright room

Enter the natural lighting for a bright room
Enter the natural lighting for a bright room

Enter the light of nature not only leaves the room wide but has a amazing effect on the impression of space. Note that the room with a bright view is characterized positive and has a refreshing atmosphere throughout the day, so this decision will have an aesthetic and practical returning in any space, specifically in the bedroom where you begin and end your day on a daily basis.

6.  Decorate the room with wall papers consistent with the design

Wall paper has the advantage of decorating simple spaces and turning them into a more unique space, but do you realize that using 3D designs has an amazing effect on small spaces? It undoubtedly adds depth to the dimensions and tricks everyone by the breadth of the room.


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