Internet radio The best applications and sites which offer it.

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For now, listening to transistor radios seems far-fetched to many people, if not ridiculed. At this time of high-quality audiovisual entertainment, finding or operating a radio in a house or a pool is very unlikely, and full of noise and jamming!

Although the use of AM / FM radios has decreased significantly, it remains represent a major form of communication forms. Radio can give you a great entertainment chance when driving or doing something. For those who live in the past, listening to their radio is a kind of addiction, and there is a large section cannot sleep only if the sounds of radio near the ears.

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Now with the revolution of mobile smart phones, we found that most if not all come with a built-in FM radio application. These applications can operate local FM stations only , but there are a lot of other great radio applications that provide radio stations that can be broadcast via Internet, these applications provide thousands of radio stations from around the world.

Audials Live

One of the most powerful radio applications which featured with high quality , covering more than 50,000 radio stations, you can select radio stations based on your favorites such as: country, best artists … etc, in addition to more than 100 podcast audio files you can listening to them as well.

You can record the contents of any station and save them to your phone for later listening. Plus The application also includes a built-in audio and video player, equalizer, sleep timer, Car Mode, and so on from features.

You can also work through the cloud, transfer music files to an SD-Card, Plus provide support for a device Chromecast, and the application comes free and contains Advertisements.

To listen on the web: Audials Live.

To download the application: AndroidiOSWindows iPhone




A fully featured radio application which provides over 50,000 radio stations from around the world, you can search by song or artist names, in addition to music you can also listen to different conversations about a variety of topics.

The application is well organized, you can also save your favorite stations, it supports a variety of streaming audio formats, the application includes a sleep timer and alert feature to wake-up to listen to a program in your favorite station.

it is Highly customizable, includes various topic, application control features, backup and restore option and other features, it also has a built-in audio tool, comes free for download, and contains Advertisements.

Official website: XiiaLive.

To download the application: AndroidiOS.



One of the best radio applications for mobile smartphones, you can listen to thousands of radio stations with a huge group of podcasts that allow you to save and replay songs. You can search for any playlists based on your mood, your different types, and your seasonal activities. Etc., which is provided with Chromecast and Android Wear support.

Comes free for download and contains Advertisements; however you can choose monthly subscriptions for getting additional features.

To listen on the web: iHeartRadio

Through this link you can search for the suitable application for your





One of the best free radio applications, which offering more than 1000 customizable radio channels, you can choose from more than 50 different types of music such as: rock, pop, jazz, rural music, etc.

To use the application you must first register, you can set a black list with each channel and a list of artists or songs you do not like , you can even search for any certain station, allowing you to put mark your on favorite stations.

In addition to this, there’s a History tab in the app, where you can search for channels you’ve previously viewed, this application come free and contains Advertisements.

Official website: AccuRadio

To download the application: AndroidiOS.


Simple Radio

Simple Radio
Simple Radio

One of the direct radio applications for broadcasting AM / FM radio stations, which includes more than 40,000 different radio stations from around the world, the homepage consists of two tabs: “Favorites” and “Recommended”, but you can search for any radio stations from Any country, or even any type in the search bar, you can mark any station as a favorite, and easily access later.

It has a clean, simple-to-use interface and playback, although the app is very simple and non-special, but it’s still a suitable choice, the app is supported by ads and provides  purchases processes inside application.

To listen over the web: Simple Radio

To download the application: AndroidiOS




A lightweight radio application that can work even at low Internet speed, the application has an easy interface to use , and all radio stations are sorted well, based on different types such as: pop, rock, metal … etc.

Includes hundreds of radio stations, you can also search for a specific radio station in the search bar, with enable to mark certain stations as favorites, and access them later. Application developers say that is effective and save mobile phone power, you can control the playback buttons via headphones.

It also contains a built-in counter and a sleep timer, which is available for free with purchases processes inside application, and contains Advertisements.


Official website: PCRADIO. To download the application: Android – iOS.




With more than 100,000 radio stations, plus more than a million programs on demand and  podcasts worldwide, and in addition to music you can listen to news, sports programs, comedy programs, radio conversations and many more.

You can choose to listen to any type of music such as: rock, pop, classic, blues, etc. With using the paid version you can directly listen to different sports championships such as NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. In addition to listening to music without Advertising breaks, you can run the application using Google Assistant by just saying “OK Google to TuneIn” In addition, the application features a Car Mode feature that can change the application interface to be suitable for you while driving.

To listen over the web: TuneIn To download the application: AndroidiOS


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