Jenny Craig Diet

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Jenny Craig weight management program was launched way back in 1983 in Australia. It came to the US a little later, in 1985. Jenny Craig weight management program offers a 3 step guide to losing weight and staying healthy. The program is conducted in two different ways, physically, through their 650 centers around the world, and through telephonic support through their 24/7 Jenny Direct program. This is a helpline for those members who cannot be physically present. The Jenny Direct program offers advice, consultation, motivation to the members through telephone and mails. Let us see what is the Jenny Craig diet plan and how it works in reality.
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Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig’s weight loss diet works at three levels, food, mind, and body. In the first phase of the program, the person is encouraged to eat smaller, healthier portions of food. In the second phase, he is motivated to increase his energy levels, whereas, in the third phase, the members are advised regarding the maintenance of overall physical and maintain health. The program helps the members in weight loss, or rather, maintaining a healthy weight. Support is available to members in various forms. Jenny Craig centers offer a seminar, lectures to the members, throughout the program. The same consultation can be offered to distant members either online or through telephone. The program also comes with a guide, complete with Jenny Craig’s diet recipes to assist members at every phase.

Jenny Craig Foods


Jenny Craig’s program is inclusive of prepackaged meals, which are delivered to every member’s doorstep. Jenny Craig foods come in frozen form and include 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 20% fat. In the first phase of the program, the member completely relies on the Jenny Craig menu for their daily nourishment. However, a person is also encouraged to eat fresh fruits, low starch vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. In the second phase, the person is slowly weaned from the Jenny Craig diet. This is called a transition phase and it lasts for 4 weeks. During this period the person can indulge in other foods, however, he must still stick to small portions. Surprisingly, even greasy foods like French fries can be consumed in the transition phase. After this phase, the person goes back to his normal diet, along with exercises.

Jenny Craig Diet: Pros and Cons

Jenny Craig is a clinically tested and approved weight loss program, the biggest advantage of this program is that the members are relieved from cooking their meals and counting calories. The diet plan is customized to suit every member’s needs. Besides, it also offers a wide variety in terms of the menu. The program guides the members on how, and what, to eat in a restaurant. The members need not give up their favorite foods, as the whole principle of this program revolves around eating in moderation and not on eating exclusively healthy foods. Also, the members are allowed to occasionally indulge themselves.

Some of the pitfalls of this program include the inability of dieters to stick to small portions when they resume their normal diet. People feel that eating normal food is far different than eating prepackaged portions, as normal food does not come in such small packets. Low-calorie food may leave the dieters hungry and low on energy. Also, many people altogether hate eating frozen foods, and the taste of the food may not go down well with everyone. The program does not offer a special diet menu for vegans. The most important drawback is the Jenny Craig diet cost. Jenny Craig cost is far more than other weight loss programs.

Jenny Craig diet reviews can be found on the official website for Jenny Craig. The membership subscription can be made through this website. You can also get various offers and Jenny Craig coupons on the web.


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