The differences between the marketing, advertising and promotion of the brand and reverse them to be the best!

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During my daily work with successful entrepreneurs (like Peter Peterka), start-ups companies or business students, I often hear that marketing strategies are explained as “social networking presence,” “have online branding,” or “advertising a lot.” These primary explanations make me deeply saddling because they simplify the deeper and more complex concepts that is stand behind an effective and successful marketing strategy.

In general, these terminologies provide a similar purpose, but their jobs are very different. and in order to explain and help others understand and determine differences between marketing, advertising and branding terms, first ask them to imagine and apply each of these terminologies on themselves personally, then imagine and apply them to a world Business, a cross comparison and simple approach to help explain and understand the differences between these concept.

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You .vs Your start-up Company example to explain marketing terminologies.
You .vs Your start-up Company example to explain marketing terminologies.


For personal example, in simple way apply it to you; to understand the meaning and then apply it to your start-up company and your business:


Marketing is how you see yourself.

Marketing is how you see yourself.
Marketing is how you see yourself.


Marketing in its personal meaning, it is the picture that you try to present yourself to others, and starting with the clothes you wear, and the colors, shapes and styles you choose, and how they look in your daily appearance, both formal and informal.

We all have a strategy to do this. Yes, everyone including your impolite cousin, who rarely bathe, and wears the same Star Wars shirt, he had worn since college days in the nineties. Even the lack of a strategy for your personal appearance is itself a strategy.

You can choose your appearance to portray yourself as a professional in business field, as an embellished academic, Technically obsessed, Complainers and averse person that prefer Frankly and normal expression, or as someone who is free of content, etc. by this you express and give an impression to others through your appearance for your personality, your lovely features, and the value you offer them.

It is true that it is not pleasant to admit that appearances are no less important than essence But sometimes overshadow it, but let us be honest, and say that the first impressions are formed through appearance, impressions can develop and are formed later, but, as we all know, It requires time and effort to change, the first impression continue. Therefore, we do our best to achieve this through External appearance.


“The goal of marketing is to make customers know you, love you and trust you.” Tim Williams.

For business and Start-ups Company, a marketing strategy takes into account how you want others to recognize your company. You should transfer the vision and values of the work, and express them in a way that the public can identify and Highlight them, and connect them with your company.

In your Start-up Company, how to “wear your clothes” will determine how effective your message is and your image are to consumers.


Advertising is how you behave publicly.

Advertising is how you behave publicly.
Advertising is how you behave publicly.

If marketing is the way you see yourself, the Advertising describes your behaviors and actions.

How to spread yourself, where do you hang out, and what do you say, all this is never less important than how does your appearance look? All of this should be considered in your marketing strategy to ensure that your image and actions are regular.

For example, imagine that you are wearing the New England Patriots jersey shirt and have a tattoo on your hand  “I Heart Tom Brady”, but during the game you support the American football team “Philadelphia Eagles” and celebrates its victory. This scene will confuse others, and may anger all your friends against you, and you are likely to be avoided and not invited to watch matches in the coming days with them.

“The better the product, the less money you paid in advertising.”

Philip Kotler.


Similarly, advertising strategy for your business is the same. If you implement them in the wrong places, with the wrong message and the wrong tone, at the wrong times, or the wrong audience, finally it will confuse consumers, and may lead them away from your business and your start-up company.


How others see you through your brand?

How others see you through your brand?
How others see you through your brand?

Brand “One of the most important signs through which you know is how others see you, Marketing is the most important way other people see you. Branding is the way it is done. Your marketing strategy is based on your own personal brand rating and your personal consideration.

Your brand makes you a strong personality; you can spend more time building and earning through them, if you are You have to focus more and more on rebuilding or changing concepts, here’s the solution. Think about the next step:

For example, if your professional network believes that you are a cheat or unprofessional person, you will need a lot more than just wearing formal attire to appear professionally but you have to master your LinkedIn profile, and you will have more hard work on the ground to change this The bad perception about you”Google” likes famous brands make sure you make yourself one” Dave Nileor”

For business people, for example, they look at how consumers view your business as vital to deciding how to implement the right marketing and advertising strategy for your start-up company.

Now you have to understand that we are overly simplistic in simplifying complex marketing concepts, which is exactly what I initially criticized, but I find that applying these concepts to ourselves creates an effective and simple way to explain how each concept applies to your business and your start-up company

In the end, what methods, measurements and other methods should I use to simplify and clarify the differences between marketing concepts? Please share your valuable insight with us below in the comments, so that everyone benefits.


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