Oscar News : Top 15 competition for the best movie Award in the history of the Oscars.

Top 15 competition for the best movie

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The cinema lovers await an annual Oscars, which is a celebration of the cinema and its industry, and despite the importance of all the Oscars but it is recognized that there are some more important prizes than others, such as Best Actor, actress, screenplay, and director, comes in front of her Best film award, It is therefore presented at the end of the concert every year.


In this article we offer you the best 15 times the movies were competing for this powerful and iconic award over time, an article published here, and for it quickly shows us how the Oscar committee that chooses the winning film specifically and develops it over time, is not usually linked The quality of the film itself, but is related to the appropriateness of the film’s theme for the timing it presents, in addition to the current political events and social changes taking place in society.


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Gone With the Wind
Gone With the Wind
Gone with the Wind: directed by Victor Fleming, screenplay by Sidney Howard, starring Clark Gilbel and Vivian Lee.
Mr. Smith goes to Washington: directed by Frank Capra, screenplay Louis Foster, starring James Stewart and Jane Arthur.
Ninotchka: Directed by Ernest Lobiš, screenplay Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett, starring Greta Garpo and two Douglas files.
Stagecoach: Directed by John Ford, screenplay Dudley Nichols and Ben Crisp, starring John Wayne and Trevor Claire.
The Wizard of Oz: directed by Victor Fleming, wing Fedora, George Cocker and Norman promote, screenplay Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, and Edgar Allan Wolf, starring Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger and Bert Lar.
Many in Hollywood now believe that this year was the best cinematic ever, with a look at the Oscar-nominated films and movies that strongly competed for the Best Film award, we find that they are steadfast films so far and can be re-watched hundreds of times without boredom.


This year there were many kinds of films between comedy and drama, and even that the Oscars this time saw the candidacy of the first American-type Western film directed to adults, and but it’s not invisible to anyone that the academy was definitely going to prefer the Fleming icon that revolved around the American Civil war in a way that made all the movies. The other one I took.
Competition films were important, but they belonged to species that the academy did not favour, for example, the Wizard of Oz, who a large number of directors took part in a fantasy, while John Ford took the American West, and although Ernest Lobiš took a film out of Starring Greta Garbo as she laughs away from her famous granite, the romantic comedy movies are far from the Oscars, and the same thing is located on the Capra film which has a clearly comedic character.



Rebecca: Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, screenplay Daphne de Morier, starring John Fontaine and Oliver Lawrence.
The Grapes of Wrath: directed by John Ford, screenplay by Nunto Johnson, starring Henri Fonda, John Carden and Eddie Koilan.
The Great Dictator: Screenplay and directed by Charlie Chaplin, and from his heroism with Paulette Goddard.
This year he ran 10 movies in the best film class, but the real race was between these three films, the John Ford film taken from a novel of the same name won impressed by the critics and Ford got the best director award, but the film was frustrating in the souls they didn’t like to get the prize, but the legend T. Charlie Chaplin, despite its historical significance as his first non-silent film, the academy’s members feared that he would receive the prize because he was dealing with politics. In a comic and domestic manner, and the United States was still neutral during the Second World War.
So, the Hitchcock film won the prize, which is his first film that comes out within the United States and is a part of the drama and Gothic romance is very different from its subsequent films, so the film producer David Oh Zhennik got the prize for the second consecutive year.

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