Personality Sensitive Is this always bad?

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Do you feel that you need to close yourself in a dark room after a long and exhausting day to relieve stress on yourself? Do you tend to avoid watching anything that has violent scenes on TV or in movie theaters? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I so sensitive?” If so, you may be an overly sensitive person, whose meaning and solution will be explained in this article.

A person (who is highly sensitive) can be described as a great challenge because it is often not considered socially desirable Features. However, while he may have some disadvantages, it also has some obvious advantages. The key here is to learn how to deal with people in this world with enough self-awareness to enhance capabilities and focus on advantages while minimizing the impact of defects.

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But who is a very sensitive person? How do we know if these specifications apply for him or not?

Definition of high sensitivity:

According to psychology, high sensitivity can be defined as “physical, mental and emotional responses to external (social and environmental) situations or internal stimuli (within the personality)”.

In other words, you may be a very sensitive person if you tend to interact strongly with certain events or circumstances.

Instead, Scientific American identifies highly sensitive people as “those who tend to have strong experiences and responses to their surroundings.”

The qualities of people are very sensitive:

The qualities of people are very sensitive

Every person with hypersensitivity is involved With who like him by many qualities and feature, but that does not mean that he should suffer from all the symptoms that will mention successively in this article, and more importantly, they are not concentrated by the same amount with everyone and perhaps represent positive features for some of them and negative for others. This depends on the different of its degrees.


For example, people with a high degree of sensitivity may face difficulty in tolerating noisy environments and noise, and others may deal with this situation with a greater or lesser degree of rejection. However, according to psychology, “they all have a greater ability to observe before the act, respond more strongly, and fall easily because sometimes they have a lot to understand and deal with.”

Also, a sensitive person can be difficult and hard on himself, especially in case of making mistakes. On the other side, this may be considered somewhat positive because it prevents them from making and repeating the same mistakes in the future.


According to site, Those who carry this description estimate about 20% of the population ,and the key characteristic and the main advantage that they have comparing to the rest of 80% is that they can analyze the things that are going on around them with their reflections greatly and create links and connections between things. And when this treatment is not fully conscious,, they appear in the form of intuition. And this represents a survival strategy that exists in many species (non-human) but it is always in a minority of its members.

If one of these things is familiar to you or has already been tested before, you may be a very sensitive person.

Dr. Aron developed Test To help people determine whether they are very sensitive or not, some of the phrases included in this test are:

  • The mood of other people affects me.
  • I find myself needing to withdraw during busy times, whether to the bed or to a dark room or anywhere where I can get some privacy and satisfaction from external stimuli.
  • Easily overwhelmed me bright lights, strong smells, Rough fabrics or sirens if they are nearby.
  • Music and arts affects me deeply.
  • When people are uncomfortable, I tend to know what to do to make them more comfortable (such as changing the lighting or where to sit).
  • I try hard to avoid making mistakes or forgetting things.
  • Consider avoiding violent scenes in TV shows and movies.
  • Feeling very hungry creates a strong reaction inside me, which leads to the disable of my concentration or my mood change.
  • When I have to compete or be an observer in the performance of a task, I am so nervous that I do much worse than I would normally do.

Treatment of the sensitive person

Treatment of the sensitive person

Perhaps after your answer to the sentences of the previous test you may find yourself suffering from hypersensitivity, and it seems that much is now at stake. In order to get rid of the vibrations of this thing, which sometimes takes you to the top and Going you down many times, Dr. Susan Biali offers a guide for the most sensitive people, which includes these ten tips:

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat healthy foods regularly throughout the day.
  • Wear headphones help reduce the noise that you may find yourself surrounded by it .
  • Type a plan in times of stress.
  • Keep at least one quiet room or a specific space for you in your home.
  • Give yourself enough time and space to get things done.
  • Eat less caffeine.
  • Keep the lights dim or less bright than usual.
  • Try to achieve your business on leisure times.
  • Surround yourself with beauty and nature.
In conclusion, it seems that our selves, which have been formed by heredity and societal factors since childhood, are difficult to change now, but the consolation here, if you are classified as a sensitive person, is that you care for others more than others and understand the things around you with transparency greater hundreds of times. All you need is to deal with your circumstance and your surroundings in a smarter way and do not forget your luck from the comfort of yourself and the world.

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