The projections in anime world, it considers creativity does not end

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The art works are rich in thousands of elements that make them distinctive and independent, but there is one artistic element common to all the outstanding arts: projection. The projection is to drop one thing at a time to make something indirectly, which leads the reader or the viewer to think and act the mind. The projection, if used well, makes the resulting poetic state multiply, but the projection takes many different forms in the anime industry, because in the anime the scene is completely obedient and compelling to the will of the director and author. Thousands of poetic situations can be created in a very limited sequence of images taken from Reality and treatment in a particular way. Fantastic industry is not it?! Today we will learn about six kinds of projections in the anime world alongside more than anime as examples of each.


Religious projection:

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Religious projection
Religious projection

The religious projection is to exploitation the stories of religions to serve the story of the work of art. The religious projection is a very common element in all works of art exclusively, and often gives a special character of depth and Cyrillic work. As for the anime, there are many developments that used the religious projections such as: the famous anime “Death note” because the writer relied on the culture of Japanese Shinagami inherent, Other works that used symbols such as Adam’s painting, the hand of God by Adam, and the fig leaf used by Adam and Eve to hide their genitals when they were paradise, but “from my point of view, the most anime work that was used for this type of projection is the Neon genesis evangel ion “The many religious symbols hidden in the folds of events are not really counted.

Psychological projection:

Psychological projection
Psychological projection

As for myself, I prefer this kind of projection, which is the psychological projection, in which the writer drops the psychological state of the heroes of the events on the assets around them, or on other people, the director can make you see the sky overcast, and accompanied by high Wind whistling through the empty school routes to learn that the scene Next will undoubtedly be a dark person doing something more darker. In my opinion, one of the best works of the anime that used this genre with great professionalism is the anime “The tatami Galaxy”. In this work, the director created the dislocation of the psychological state of the hero over the assets around him, especially since these assets are not hand-drawn, Processed slightly to integrate with an anime frame. Besides, there are some psychological and instinctive situations that have been embodied in a wonderful comedic way.


Historical projection:

Historical projection
Historical projection

The writer in this type used to mention the names of ancient characters of the past  ages are gone to support his story in one way or another, or can build  the full story on it , such as: Drifters anime and the series of “Fate anime”, or the author can invent events that cast shadows on certain historical titles such as: “Hunter X Hunter anime” in the Arch of the Chimera, where dozens of political and historical projections have occurred, but the best anime in investment the historical character of his service is the childhood anime that beloved for every one “ Yu-Gi-Oh” anime . Where he used the ancient Egyptian civilization in his favor, but did not do this only, but took the fighting of the pharaoh and priests and Hoor in the past, and then brought it to the present in the form of wonderful modern technological image, and thus break the barrier between the times to create us that Mythical embodied in the history pages of the ancient anime industry.

Scientific projection:  


Here the author relies to mention and explain purely scientific theories and details in his own work. To explain it or not is something that is due to him, but often does not explain to make a circle of secrets on the work, , of course there are dozens of anime works that discuss some of the scientific theories, or have been built on them in some cases, here brings me an Aldnoah Zero ” Several scientific” where mentioned Many scientific theories, such as the effect of Leidenfrost and the “Steins Gate anime” where black holes are mentioned and how materials are compressed from the huge image of a tiny image to  send it in waves that are later translated into other elements.


Literary projection:

Literary projection
Literary projection

The literary projection is to use the symbols in the world of culture and literature to give some intellectual depth to your work. You can bring writers themselves in the form of real characters, or take only the names, or it is possible to mention some strong statements of their literary work, the example is given in Manga “Tokyo Ghoul”, where the mangaka Ishida mentioned many statements about Hermann Hesse and Franz Kafka.  Beside the special anime “Bungou Stray Dogs”, in which he exactly  made every pivotal character  bears the name of an old realist character that has relation with literature and culture in one way or another, such as mention of  the name of The writer of universe horror, Loew Kraft, and the world-famous Russian writer of Self – Epics Faudor Dostoevsky.


Methological projection:

Or fantastical projection, The Legendary, and pure fantasy. Mythology in general is The Legendary, and the most famous types of mythology are Greek mythology, who among us has not heard of Zeus and Szef and Hercules and all the gods and masters of the ancient Olympians? But mythology does not depend on the Greeks alone. All the stories that came in all religions, with satanic entities or supernatural powers, could be considered religious mythology.

In this category, the work maker re-embodies the legendary ancient heroes of the anime, and as an example of this type we have Danmachi anime and his embodiment of most of the gods, and the Fate anime series for the embodiment of warriors, and Neon genesis evangelion anime for the embodiment of Adam and Eve and creation, and finally Devilman, Crybaby, Black Butler and Blue Exorcist for their embodiment of demons and satan etc.



The types of projections are endless, and you may find in every new anime you see something new that you would not have thought of. So, today we tried to highlight as much as possible the most common types in most of the Animations. I hope the article will be appreciated and you are fine.

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