SpaceX succeeds in dropping a Falcon 9 missile on the California coast

SpaceX succeeds in dropping a Falcon 9

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SpaceX Company successfully dropped its Falcon-9 missile, which was launched as a test test for landing on a cement base near the launch site, becoming the 62nd flight of the vehicle, the Company’s 12th landing, and the first on the California Coast.

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As published by the American verge, Space X launched the Falcon 9-user rocket from california, where it tried to make the vehicle land on a concrete landing platform near the launch Site–not a drone in the Ocean–as the first time the company had landed on The West Coast.

So far, all the ground landings from Space X have occurred outside Cape canaveral, florida-the busiest launch site, and have been able to drop 11 Falcon 9 rockets on them, and every time the company tries to land, it was Successful.


SpaceX was also willing to take ground landings from its launch site at the Vandenberg airbase in california, where the company rented a site there in 2015, a former Titan launch site, to create a concrete landing pad, however, SpaceX has yet to obtain a permit To use the painting, and could not land its vehicles on the West Coast aboard unmanned ships in the Pacific Ocean.

however, during the summer, the company applied for a landing permit on the Vandenberg platform, and the site now appears to be open for business.



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