“Blackhawk” is the latest project and will release by “Steven Spielberg”

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Finally and after long waiting, the veteran director “Steven Spielberg” Oscar-winning three times.  Who is stands behind a collection of the wonderful and greatest Hollywood movies, is expected to enter the world of superheroes and comics, where he will cooperate with Warner Bros to produce and direct a new film adapted from DC Comics under the title “Blackhawk“.

Spielberg will be based on the classic story from comics for the screenplay. Recently Spielberg directed adventure and science fiction movie “Ready Player One” for Warner Bros, which has so far earned more than $ 476 million all over the world after it was released late last month.   “We are very proud to be the studio that stand behind Steven Spielberg’s latest film, we are delighted to be working with him again in this new adventure. We cannot wait to see what Spielberg will give us in presenting Blackhawk to audiences around the world.” said ‘Toby Emmerich’ (Chairman of the Warner Bros Group) about this news , Which made many DC Comics enthusiasts excited to see the film, especially after the project was deliver to Steven Spielberg .

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The new DC film scenario will be written by American author “David Koepp”, the fifth-most successful Sinarist of all time, On the scale of the success of his films who write it at the box office, who cooperated with Spielberg as a screenwriter in the most famous films as “Jurassic Park “ , ” The Lost World  Jurassic Park” , “War of the Worlds”  and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” .

It is worth mentioning that Spielberg will produce the film with “Kristie Macosko Krieger” Under Amblin Entertainment company slogan, Along with Sue Kroll, who will be the project’s executive producer.  “It was great to work with Warner Bros to bring “Ready Player One” to the big screen,” Spielberg said. They offer a mix of professional passion for everything they do with their projects, and they have a huge history.

I’m excited to go back and work with them again through the movie “Blackhawk”.



Blackhawk, a fictional character published by “Quality Comics” for the first time in 1941 before DC Comics  get character rights in 1957, was created by Chuck Cuidera side by side with Bob Powell and Will Eisner, in comics “Blackhawk”  is a mysterious man driving a squadron “Blackhawk”, they are an elite of pilots of different nationalities who fought in World War II.

Currently Spielberg is filming the fifth part of “Indiana Jones”, where his next project will be, and “Blackhawk” will not be the next project for Spielberg after “Indiana Jones,” but will be after “West Side World” movie Which is considered reproduction of the 1961 version about rival gangs in New York, where Spielberg said that is this film would be his project after he finished “Indiana Jones.”

It is not known when Spielberg will take over Blackhawk at present, but the studio has enough time to fully develop the project before delivering it to Spielberg. Warner Bros and DC Company are moving forward on their film career and are trying to fix their extended film world after their recent failure.

After returning “Batgirl” to the stage of development and production with a new writer, and selecting writer and director “Cathy Yan” to release her new film “Birds of Prey” Starring “Margot Robbie” as Harley Quinn, we arrive at Blackhawk with Steven Spielberg, who will be one of the company’s most expected films.But Warner Bros Studios will always be the perfect choice for the role model, the perfect acting crew for the movie, as it did with “Wonder Woman”.

If the director and writer are given the freedom to make the next project, DC will return to the arena of competition.


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