The reasons for the jinx that follow the Arabs in the West. #MoSalah is an example

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Years ago, it was not far. The idea spread among Arabs that a young man who travels to Europe or America works very well and becomes better than the Americans themselves in science and discipline and adherence to laws and intelligence, He suddenly turns from the poor, fluffy-haired student who teaches with a heavy cup of tea that is cold to the stylish man with the suit and the speech in which English is mixed with Arabic.

we could not deny that many of them had actually succeeded and that he needed a chance he would not have found in our Arab countries, so every young man’s dream was to travel to the out to bring out his extraordinary talents and great abilities buried in third world countries under the routine and ignorance and backwardness and many of the obstacles that stopped Ours.

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Today this idea has changed and turned into the notion of jinx that is after us wherever we go, and it seems to us clearly that, and whatever an Arab expatriate has reached advanced positions in his work or study it will come the day when it falls on the mother of his head, and falling from the high place is more painful than falling off the ground or falling underground.

We can see models that represent the old idea and succeed in their westernization because they really did not find a good chance in their country, where there are no good or even bad chances, but the model that has recently spread to those who traveled and succeeded initially and then returned from scratch or at least stumbled suspiciously, It drives us to wonder why this is, and why, after the road was paved for them and their things are going well, They take a step and come back ten.

Of course, there are logical and scientific reasons for this, but I can put the glasses of a very ordinary Arab citizen for some time, which you can see him anywhere, or be you personally, or I may not need this glasses and be who thinks this way, and see what the reasons that make this person Succeeds and then his succeed stumbles:


1- It must be the eye


Surely it is envy. There is no other explanation for this. A person who has traveled and succeeded and started a good job and may live up to a large house with a garden around him, like in foreign movies, must be envied by people in his country, especially if he puts his photos on Facebook permanently and He tells his extraordinary experiences in developed countries, this person who be worth to be envied and his share of the eye and The eye has split  the stone, as it is said, especially if his mother forgot to give him the veil of Sheikh Abi Bara to protect him and she must tell the neighbors About his great achievements and how he became better than  foreigners themselves and that his word became audible to them and they cannot do something without him.

2- Cosmic conspiracy theory :


Cosmic conspiracy theory
Cosmic conspiracy theory

I do not think it is envy or that someone hit them with the eye … It is deeper than this and bigger … Envy is random, but what is happening is bigger and deeper than this  … They do not want from the Arabs to hold high positions and know what huge companies are doing from hidden plots against the Arabs And Muslims, or to reach to the science that they have reached … They want the Arabs to remain their followers for them and not to develop, the major countries must remain in control of everything, especially the large and important industries in the Countries, because if they left the field for them they will elimination of those countries and threaten their large  interests and be at the throne of the global economy.

So they have to fight anyone who seems on him a possibility of excellence and development, and work to block it and reduce him… I think this is very clear.

“The conspiracy theory is delicious and everyone likes it because it instantly gives you the impression that you are smarter than others and you know the secrets of things …”

 Ahmed Khalid Tewfik

3- Talk about jinx brings jinx… It must be the Law of Attraction

Energy experts and human development experts and their leaders have another opinion. It is all return to our negative thinking method, our inferior view to ourselves and our sense of shortage … may be our negative thinking attracts us to bad luck and obstacles wherever we go. It is not about our place of existence but about our way of thinking and the energy we transmit to the world around us. Which attracts us actions from the sex of our thoughts … We Arabs are raised to think negative and fearful, so that if we laughed a lot, we said after (God gives us good on this laugh!) As if we attract bad events directly by this speech.

We have to change our way of thinking, and after that we will succeed, even if we are in a desolate desert, bureaucratic governments governed us, customs, fossilized traditions, and ignorance that is rooted in minds and a hopeless poverty! These are secondary things as long as we think positively and attract our dreams to us.


I think that the injury of Muhammad Salah in the final match was a combination of the three causes he was envied for his many previous successes, especially from the players Britons have pulled out many of them hot-blonde admirers, and of course all players and teams will conspire against it because it threatens their position. In the next World Cup, Egypt’s team will be rivals to the finals in front of Brazil, Germany, Italy and Britain; they must get rid of it before taking them to the World Cup… But the Arabs while watching his news didn’t believe that they let him get to this point and all the time they make up rumors about him and they seek to foil it, and all the time waiting for the moment when the big conspiracy threads will unfold and they talk about failure before success!..

In the end, if one of you travels or decides to do an unprecedented project, the blue bead must not be forgotten to shield it from envy. Aware of the plots that will be hatched against him to thwart him, and to put some positive phrases everywhere around him… This is more important than the project itself, its good planning, hard work and mastery… These are just minor things!


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