Integrated Vegetarian Diet

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The vegetarian diet is a part of the macrobiotic diet system, this system relies on the handling vegetarian foods, avoiding animal foods and their products fully, even reaching the desired weight, as the followers of the system Food-free animal products helps to eliminate excess weight without having to follow strict and rigorous calorie intake.


The characteristics of a vegetarian

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  • diet rid the body of accumulated fat in the abdomen, improves body sensitivity, as it increases the effectiveness of the work of the insulin hormone in the body, where the deposition of fat is one of the main reasons for resisting insulin work.
  • Commitment to it is easy, because it does not require an individual to reduce the amount of food eaten, and an individual can adopt it as a lifestyle. From flexible diets, it is possible to bypass some of the errors in eating prohibited foods without affecting weight loss.
  • NO health problems, such as constipation, and helps to rid the individual of some pain and unrest.



Integrated Plant Food System programme

This program is applied daily for several weeks, or until the desired weight is obtained, and the meals are:

  • Breakfast meal covers one of the fruit types before breakfast with 30 minutes, and then a glass of water-added lemon juice, and then an average dish of beans without oil, with a little lemon and an appropriate amount of latency and little salt, with a reduced amount of salt added to the dish, until dispensing About him altogether, with a small loaf of municipal bread, a small bowl of green power, and can be prepared from: lettuce, sweet green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, parsley, must focus during this diet on leafy vegetables.
  • The Lunch is one pill from a fruit type before lunch half an hour, then a glass of water added to lemonade, starting with a meal with a bowl of cabbage soup prepared by a cup of each of: carrots, chopped cabbage, sliced onions, add ingredients to the amount of Water, sprinkle them with a little salt, and leave on the exposed gas; to prevent colon disorders such as swelling, it is worth mentioning that this soup is effective heavily in disposing of the fat and accumulated fats in the body, then tackles the average plate of green salad, a dish of boiled brown rice, A glass of non-local green tea can be eaten after eating.
  •  Dinner is served four hours before eternity, and the dinner consists of a grain of fruit, and then a glass of water added a lemon juice, then a dish of green salad, or the onion salad prepared by a big onion boiled or grilled, and its additive half-teaspoon He saw it from the halva, chopped garlic cloves, some salt and latency, and hit the ingredients in the blender, and added a little-chopped parsley, then a grain from boiled potatoes or zucchini, mashed and additive to it a pinch of latency and a little salt, or roasted eggplant and an additive to the latency And salt, it is possible to drink a glass of soak-soaked or mitosis.

It should be noted that during this diet, one type of fruit is allowed to be eaten throughout the day, as all kinds of fruits are available in this diet except: figs, grapes, dates, and mangoes, are allowed only with water or natural and non-local juice for the fruits themselves. If you have any chronic pain that is preventing you from doing your daily work, you can check out danknation dispensary for medical herbs that will cure your pain.



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