Whatsapp , Fun and helpful tricks you need to know and try it now!

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With more than 1 billion users around the world, Whatsapp Company seeks to keep users happy by adding new features with each update, or even hide some features and leave them to the curious user to discover without the need to search the Internet. Let’s discover together some of these tricks:

  • Create bold, italic, or strikethrough text :

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•Create bold, italic, or strikethrough text :
Create bold, italic, or strikethrough text :

You can play with font effects to help you explain what you say to the other side and this by putting several symbols after the completion of writing for a certain phrase such as:

*Bold*   à to make it dark.

_Italics_ à to make it slanted.

~ Strikethrough~ à to put a line in its middle.

“`Monospace“`   à to make it monolithic.

The fact is that there are devices that do not support these symbols, so if you want to do the above, you can select the sentence that you want, the shape will appeared for you (three dots above each other), that indicating to (more), there you find the options that we talked about.

  • Turn off automatic download over mobile data :

Turn off automatic download over mobile data
Turn off automatic download over mobile data

If you depend on mobile data when you use Whatsapp, you will suffer from the loss of a large Net package while sending pictures, documents and videos to you like a bunch of pictures of “Good morning and coffee cups” every day without you know or Your will !

Here’s the solution to prevent automatic downloading of your media files, you can do this by using Settings> Data and storage usage > when using mobile data.

Here, you can disable the media automatically download once you remove the selection from its side, only when you need it click on it to download it; this saves your data for chat only and for important media.

  • Low consumption of data for calls also :

Low consumption of data for calls also
Low consumption of data for calls also

On-line calls on Whatsapp are an amazing advantage, saving you money instead of regular calls, but they also consume mobile data, but here you can reduce consumption Compared with telecom companies.

Just go to Settings> Data and storage usage > low data usage; activate it to reduce the amount of data used during calls.

  • Get analysis of using data :

I think that after the previous two features we have noticed the application’s interest for your use of mobile data. It not only provides you with the reduction, but also puts the business report for you which you have made on application that needs internet, such as the number of outgoing and incoming messages, the size of the media sent and received, and Size of messages and others which you find it When you go to Settings> Data and Storage usage > Network Usage.


  • Get analysis for data according to contacts :

•Get analysis for data according to contacts :
• Get analysis for data according to contacts :

Also there are other impressive statistics  which show what is stored according to contacts from the most consumed to the least consumed, depending on the number of messages, images, Animated Images, documents, etc. by going to Settings> Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.

  • Clear these files from your storage also :

•Clear these files from your storage also :
• Clear these files from your storage also :

As a complement to the previous point, you can do more than look at the amount of memory consumed per contact, where you can choose a contact and see how these data are distributed, from  messages, photos, videos, etc., and You can manage the messages to clear the selected ones from it.

  • Request your account information :

•Request your account information :
• Request your account information :

Both Facebook and Twitter have the “Account Information Request” feature in the form of a zip file, which includes not only your messages but also your likes, profile photo, friends’ names and more.


To do the same on your Whatsapp, go to Settings> Account> Request Account Information, then click “Request Report”. The report will then be set up but it will take from two to three days.

  • Send a conversation via mail :

•Send a conversation via mail :
• Send a conversation via mail :

You have on Whatsapp setting so-called backup chat, and so on You will find an option called “chat logs”, if you open it you will find an option called “sending chat via mail” to someone, then choose a conversation for a certain contact, and determine whether it is with the media or Without media, then open the e-mail, send it to the specified destination in the form of a text document.

  • Activate two-step verification :

at the first time you access Whatsapp , the application asks you for your phone number for a once not repeated, and makes sure that it is your number or not by sending a code to your phone for confirmation.

However, to increase security, you can activate two-Step Verification, which will enter your PIN when you re-register your phone number back to your Whatsapp account and even if your phone has your SIM card.

To enable it, go to Settings> Account> two-Step Verification, where you’ll be asked for a number of six symbols to enter it when you try to access your account from another phone, and you’ll be asked to enter mail if you forget that number.

  • Add a contact to your home screen :

You can create shortcuts for one of the conversations for important people if you want and put it on your main screen so you can communicate with him frequently, and to do this open the conversation you want> More> Add shortcut.

  • Disable the delivery report :



•Disable the delivery report :
• Disable the delivery report :

It is the rescue property or most requested and needed by everyone. Do you want to read the message without knowing the other party when you read it? Do you want to permanently finish and goodbye your friends’ reproach if you read their messages and do not reply? Go to Settings> Account> Privacy and remove the selection next to “read receipts.”

  • How to use site tracking :

•How to use site tracking :
• How to use site tracking :

Whether to avoid getting your parents worried about you or if you lose your friend and want to show your place, this is a great feature. All you need to do is share your location on your Whatsapp account by clicking the button on the shape “paper clip” at the bottom of the conversation and sharing your location.

  • Create a custom notification for contact :

When your phone connected to any Internet, Whatsapp notifications start jumping everywhere and suspiciously, especially if you have many contacts in your phone, but you need few of them to talk with them.

You can then customize them as a small group, and the way is after you open their conversation and click on their name from the top, you’ll find an option called “Custom notifications,” click on it, and go to the second interface, select “Use custom notifications” and do customize their messages in your own way.

  • Using Whatsapp on the computer :

One of the things that we thank Whatsapp designers on it the ability to use the application within the computer, rather than receiving messages and notifications within the phone can be transferred to the computer only when visiting the on your computer. The site will display the QR code; all you have to do when you open the application is click on “Whatsapp Web” and will tell you the instructions to scan the code given by site to start chatting from the computer.

But its disadvantages to interrupt your connection to the application when closed by the phone, which must be synchronized, and the advantage here is to use a larger screen and a wider keyboard.



Have you discovered other tricks?

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