Windows 10 “Spring Creators update” all you need to know about it

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Perhaps better and perhaps worse depending on the quality of your Internet connection – Windows 10 operating system features are the continuous and varied updates Microsoft is bringing a new update that will sequentially arrive to Windows 10 users. This release is a free version, with attractive Additions and new welcome features equivalent to what you might expect from smartphones, such as task and time management. Said “Youssef Mahdi” “Microsoft’s vice president” for Windows and its hardware:

“We will help you organize your business and organize your time, in the hope that you will have more time to do everything you love.”

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It has made a right decision by naming this release “Spring Creators update” to determine its launch time In addition to more details such as the year and the month, that making it more logical than before.


The question has recently been distributed “why has the arrival of this version been delayed?”


In fact, it was supposed to be launched in April two weeks ago from now, but after discovered error at last moment by testers in “the Windows Insider” society, and the amount of time it took to fix it, that make this version was delayed, they have to release it gradually.

If you want to get it, you have to wait until you are notified by Windows Update that lets the user know if the update feature is ready to install or not , or manually search it through the settings. If all of this fails, you can download the update from Microsoft website.

The new idea here is that almost all Windows 10 users may be forced to update this version. Microsoft is beginning to find ways to turn off old versions, including versions that have completed two years, meaning that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that is released in August 2016 is no longer supported, Where it will not receive further fixes related to errors and security updates, and that the version launched in April 2017 is not far to become as before by October 9 this year, the only way to keep your system supported is to update it constantly.


What will you find in this update?

windows 10 Timeline
windows 10 Timeline

The most important change in this version is the addition of a timeline like what we see in our diary on Facebook to display tasks that you do it. It shows the log of applications and files that you opened earlier that day or week, and will help you resume your work from where you stopped.


Help to focus

Help to focus
Help to focus

It is an updated version of the “Do Not Disturb” app that you can run manually or according to a timeline, and will block notifications and other issues that may be harmful to you, and then give you a summary of what happened during that period.

You can also adjust the settings by way that you want, such as putting some activities or people on the whitelist where their email and private messages are allowed to arrive while you on focus .


Convert audio to type

Works to improves and simplifies everything related to writing. You can write any text box with your voice only when you press Windows Key + H and start talking.

Development of Cortana

The default Assistant in Microsoft also has its share of support in this new version, it will suggest the tasks you want to resume, if you want to click on the timeline feature.

It also receives support from some smart home applications such as Google’s Nest, such as a heat regulator, the voice control of natural languages ​​such as Spotify.


Microsoft Edge Browser

It is still trying hard to convince people and leave Chrome and Firefox, but it has acquired some features, became more dynamic, faster, and it  has some grammar tools to help write, and highlight on names, actions and attributes, which allowing the addition of many e-books on it.



Nearby sharing:


This version has been released from Apple’s AirDrop to send files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi without the need for cables, and you can also specify the number of devices that you want to send to them collectively.

You can say that we have arrive to the system post 10 as a line between before and after, and more features and ideas that may help you to arrange your agenda and your time in general, It is no longer just a system to send and receive orders only, but to Create friendship links between the computer and the user.



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