The wrong way to help around you … Shortest way to be shunned

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The human being carries with it many desires, and sometimes it is natural with logical motives and reasonable reasons, and strange desires have no logic there is no reason why man is doing it, and it is increasing and growing in this age when nothing is ever reasonable.


Help others seem a logical desire, and have their reasons that may be purely humane, or from the door of personal interests, the benefit that musing to get later, it may be motivated by love without any tangible physical goal, but in fact, it has an internal goal of complacency… But this has no one to judge his own or accuse him of being selfish, so if you have this desire within him, no matter what the hidden cause is behind her, this article is directed at you to talk about the worst psychological and social way that can help around you through it, but be careful that you turn a For a tale on you and become you need help to get out of the predicament you set yourself up.


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Help them without asking you to.

Believe me, in this very open age, it is rare to see someone who does not know that he is in trouble, especially if we are talking about an adult beyond school age, but you cannot help or advise everyone.


Your smoked colleague knows he’s hurting himself with his smoke, but he chose to keep smoking. The smoking damage is written on cigarette packs, it would be foolish to know that he does something detrimental to his health, but he is responsible for himself. You can definitely advise him, but… If you decide to take your advice or not, it’s none of your business at all.


Your vision is always correct

Would you try it? I’m you were to find your life going so well, the happier way and does not need any kind of change. I was not that, that’s superb.

Set yourself up as a judge


Your friend who has had a difficult problem or has presented himself to an embarrassing situation has trusted you and came to talk to you and tell you what happened to him. It means only one thing: he wants to listen to him … only.

If he comes to tell you of any calamity that occurred to you, be responsible, listen a lot, and it is better not to speak at all. He does not wait for any words … try to get rid of that abhorrent desire to form a court for others and act as the judge who judges them right Or not … This is the last thing anyone needs to us, so you will not want to be accused any day.


You have the most appropriate way for all problems

When you reach this point you have exceeded the previous points, and it seems that this person has already resorted to you to help him. This is good for you … Now that you have the opportunity to impose your opinions and the ways in which problems are solved, try to resist this strange desire also to make others behave the way you think they are. Put yourself in the place of the other in all the circumstances that occurred and all the data he lived, and thought if I was in his place, what is the best way to act? On this basis, he helped him.

Repairing the universe is your responsibility

If you are not a guardian, you are definitely not a guardian and you do not need to bear his guilt and guilt towards him. All you have to do is advise only if your relationship allows advice at all. You can not stop anyone in the street from seeing something wrong and alerting him. For what he is doing, excuse me but this is none of your business.

You can actually repair the universe as you dream … but start yourself first and be perfect, this is not theoretical. If we both correct ourselves and take care of them as we should, we will not need to recommend one … However, if you have the opportunity to advise someone, do not hesitate to do so. It is your concern to extract the mistakes of others’ lives and alert them to them.

You have the right to transcend the boundaries that others have set for themselves.

Also, the heart is in a chest cage hidden from the others so that no one knows his secrets, as well as each of us his own circle that no one likes to exceed, this is material in the desire to be in close contact with people, the closer someone was from you It is possible to allow him to approach you and hug you without being disturbed, but the stranger who stretches out his hand and shakes you and then gets you wet kisses in a sticky and annoying way that carries many of the limits you set for yourself, which everyone should respect and respect … Also the moral boundaries and penetration For personal privacy, there is a hot circle T is related to beliefs and feelings no one likes to be overcome except with his permission … If you take these tips into consideration, go back to the fourth point and read them well. This is ultimately my personal opinion, which I am not obliged to take.


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