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Before we begin I would like to welcome you to this never before released case study of how I starting initially making money when I was in the same position many of you who are reading this right now are in. There are a lot of products that mention different theories that may or may not work but this is personally what I did that anyone else can apply as well too in order to starting making some additional money or even a full time income Online if you take this course seriously and truly take action because without doing the work the best of knowledge is useless with appropriate affirmative action.


Who is Damien Parrott?

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My name is Damien Parrott and I started my Internet marketing journey back in 2007 in my freshman year of college where I studied biology so I am far from being a rookie in the world of Internet Marketing and have invested thousands of dollars and like many of you a lot of them were garbage  but there were definitely a lot of lessons learned in both the products and mentoring that failed just as well as the quality education from various other mentors and legitimate products. When I set out to make an additional income Online this desire was fueled by my personal endeavor to be able to made some additional income to support college/living expenses at the time and also to just bring in additional income to live more comfortably as I feel that is something that generally most are looking for when looking for legitimate opportunities online. I was able to make that happen for myself and would like to share that experience in a step by step process how anyone(YES EVEN YOU) can duplicate this process and start generating some additional income ASAP. So click here to find out more about how to buy web money and lets go ahead and get started and dig right in so you too can get started making some additional income online.


Entire Step by step process of exactly what I did is below:


Step 1 – mindset (what was the mindset behind what you did and how can someone get into that mindset)


When setting out on my journey to make sure that I would be able to successfully start making money Online I knew that I had to have the right mindset otherwise all of my efforts would surely go to waste. My mindset at this point was purely focused on executing all tasks and maintaining consistency in every task was on my to-do list. Although simply sticking with the tasks at hand seems small it’s very critical because it is easy to be become discouraged and kill your own productivity and progressions when you aren’t sure of what may or may not happen but I knew that having a doubtful mentality would ruin my chances before even getting started working. The Execution Mindset is what I refer to this as because when you have an execution mindset you tackle all tasks needed without making any excuses, watching youtube videos, spending non productive time on social media also eliminating distractions such as but not limited to casual conversations with friends and family, additional leisure and extracurricular activities, and putting off tasks because I didn’t feel like it because I knew in order to achieve my goal in the efficient manner it had to become my priority and this was the foundation of allowing me to  do the leg work that I will go through in detail in the following steps .

Step 2 – Find 5-10 successful people in your niche who are where you want to be


In order to start making money Online, I knew I had to connect with someone who was already established in the niche I was interested in which was the make money online & Internet Marketing niche. To do this specifically what I did was

take advantage of the warrior forum.

warrior forum
warrior forum

This is a website if you don’t already know which many of you may already know that thousands go to in order to learn about the vast world of Internet marketing as well as buy and sell products related to the Internet marketing niche so this was a perfect place for me to start. This process was pretty simple but still required some work because I wanted to make certain that the person I would want to connect with was someone who was legitimate, had great real reviews and testimonials and had been associated with quality business because in my experience there are as we all know countless scammers who pose as being genuine but have all intentions to sell you dreams without any hint of structure or validity in what they “teach”. I took my time and did my own background check in essence of the 10+ warriors that I had an interest in. After you see demos and reviews and even the general reaction and interactions of someone it truly allows a lot of their true character to be shown without you even having to spend a dime so essentially following the posts and business behaviors of several potential “high quality” successful marketers, paying close attention and studying their product launches both old and new, how they handled intense questions about their business, products and more really allowed me to see the ones I would be most interested in working with.

Step 3– Figure out what skill(s) would be valuable to those 5-10 people

The key to making the best of the newly compiled list of high integrity successful Internet marketers before attempting to partner with them is analyzing their existing successful business and finding out what skills that you can leverage that would be super valuable and beneficial to these already established successful marketers. While going through all of these various successful marketers many used multiple different waves of bringing in targeted traffic to their offers. To many, this may seem like a hard task but ultimately it’s not too difficult of a task if you know how and here’s exactly to get a laser precision trajectory on what an established marketer is already doing to see how you can add value to or increase the efficiency of what he is already using. For example by typing in the marketer’s name or product name in bing, Google, and youtube is a good way to see not only what a marketer has out there but will also reveal oftentimes what other platforms they are already using which could be even Google, bing, and youtube themselves but it gets deeper. Let’s say if you do a Google search and find out that a marketer has a thoroughly detailed blog via word press or blogger that links back to their main product site then obviously you see right before your eyes that blogs are at least one platform that this person is using to get their content out there. You continue to scroll down Google and you see that same marketer with two or three very informative videos that have a few views that also have links within the description that just so happen to link back to his main product page. Of course


oftentimes you will find that in conjunction with the main product owner other affiliates are also using these same methods and many more so this is where you can look at how you can benefit these marketers, maybe you can increase the quality of those blogs because you have s.e.o, or search engine optimization skills and experience like myself, or maybe you can increase those youtube video views because you have had experience doing so or learned how to do so, these are all things that anyone running an existing successful business will absolutely love is when you tell them how you can increase their efficiency and get their more sales this is when they are already reaching for their purse/wallets because you are providing a solution for an existing problem that all businesses have which is how can they increase the profitability of what they are already doing so they are able to continue on being successful and most importantly continue to grow their business. Be sure not to over think this process as sometimes a business needs just someone who is proficient with say creating a face book fan page for their already successful business because they are focused on other tasks or simply don’t wish to do it but when you approach them and show them the value of doing so wonderful things can and will happen. So take a look at what they are already doing and ask yourself these questions, what are they doing that can be done better? What can I add as far as skill and value to their business that will significantly help them?

What are they doing well already? What are they doing poorly that I can without a doubt offer a quality helping a hand with that will provide their business with value? This will allow you to efficiently identify what you can do to help them and give them great reason to allow you to offer your help and expertise that they will

gladly pay you for.

Step 4 – Acquire the skill(s) by going to or and purchase a comprehensive


 This step is pretty Straightforward because a lot of people at this point ask where to get these various skills if they have no idea where to start and this is where you can go to invest in yourself and grab some quick efficient education on various topics and skills to increase and establish a valuable skill that you can offer to countless businesses.










Up first is:

For many of you who have not been to Lynda’s website you are definitely in for a quality experience as there are thousands of topics here that anyone can start learning countless new skills that can be utilized over and over again and honed to the point where you can increase the value as well as the price of your services and feel confident knowing that you are delivering quality services and making a great

name for yourself without worrying if you have a solid foundation of your skill- set.











Next is:

Which is very similar to Lynda but gives you several thousand more skills that you have access too taught by educated experts in the skills that you select so when you have access to both of these platforms you will no longer have to worry about now knowing how to perform a specific tasks as you can now efficiently arm yourself with knowledge that can be used for a lifetime as well as improved upon as well because you also want to be sure that after you complete any courses or learn any new skill to always maintain that skill and keep an eye on the platforms

that you use as over time things change and that is how life is so when you are keen on a skill to continue to hone that skill to make sure that you stay sharp and


always requested and remain a valuable and key asset to businesses that are


needing your expertise.

Step 5 – Once you’ve developed the skill reach out to successful leaders in your niche


Once you have successfully acquired your skills that you have decided on an offering, this is the time to reach out to those that you have selected on your list of high integrity marketers that you have thoroughly vetted and don’t your own personal background check on. Reach them by means of private messaging them if they are on a forum or sometimes a direct contact email may be available on their main site or blog if applicable sometimes but if they are already successful they should not be hard to make contact with. Be professional when you are making this proposition and it is very important to be clear about your intent and what you are seeking within the potential partnership. Advise to the successful marketer that you’ve been following/admiring them for months/years and you’ve taken it upon yourself to develop some skills that would allow you to approach them with value. Inform them know you’d be willing to work for them at no cost initially in order to gain to show what you are capable of and that you are serious about also learning other skills and that you desire to as well run a successful business after


being inspired by their works. Very rarely will you get denied because when you offer to show your stuff(especially when you have a solid skill) it will speak for itself and the client will be very inclined to continue working with you and this is when you can start discussing payment. This is exactly that I did use search engine optimization and after showing just how sound my skills were in that niche I literally started receiving three figure paypal payments from a marketer who I admired and watched for months and along with it because a partnership and also opened the doors for myself to gain and learn news skills as well too that would not only increase my potential value for offering services to others but also in growing my own sprouting business and as for the successful marketer he had someone who he could rely on with sound skills that allowed the blogs that he produced for his 5 figure paying clients to be thoroughly optimized for search engines, and also additional targeted back links were additional as well so the sky is truly the limit when you reach this point as any additional skills that you have that you can add on only boost the value and also allow you to increase the price for your newly acquired specialized skills that will allow the additional income you desire to start coming in as you sleep too which is a great feeling and not just the fact that you are getting paid but the fact that you are genuinely using an acquired skill to solve a problem and also create a new full-time business or just a part time income stream whichever you prefer.


Additional Success Training


You have now officially gone through the exact step by step process that I did as well too to start generating three figure paydays and now you too can start your marketing journey. In order to make sure you more than you need to get started efficiently on your own journey I have added several additional steps below that


will further allow you to scale and increase profits even further.

Your Skills for Income

 So when a lot of people start out their journey in looking to make money online they tend to gravitate to a lot of the shiny object push button millionaire systems that ultimately end up with you several dollars out of your bank account that you could have used towards daily living, your family, or anything else other than a useless product that gets no results, yeah I was there too. Here is one of the most critical things that one must keep in mind, work is a requirement in order for an actual business to operate you can apply this to even daily businesses that you visit on a day to day basis if those workers from the corporate level down to the nice attendant at your favorite fast food restaurants window didn’t do good quality work then you wouldn’t feel the urge to stop by or visit their website as frequently that you always do. You have to approach making money online with the same seriousness as any profitable business and I cannot stress this enough as it is critical no matter how legitimate a product is without diligent consistent work


you’ve lost before you’ve started the race. Moreover, the topic of this section is “Skills for Income” for a reason as just about everyone in the world competent enough to be reading this product or even knows the basics of computing has a set of skills in just those simple aspects. There are many different business models online that are currently making money as you read this so there is no shortage of niches where you can go in and starting making money, let’s start with a simple skill that’s taken for granted that is very appealing to thousands of business.


Social Media. That’s right social media is a tool that many people especially business owners have absolutely no idea how to use or setup whereas most of you before and after going through this course will be checking your smartphone checking your notifications for the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, periscope, and the list goes on and on and on. Oftentimes having the skill of just being able to create and fill a facebook page for a business with images supplied from said business is a way of making a lot of great income. Many social media experts charge $300-$500 for a basic facebook fan page which is super simple to setup you can even go right now and become educated for free(of course time is invested) and learn how to do this valuable skill yourself and charge the same price and add extra bonuses as well too to make your offer more appealing to businesses who are in this same market. One quick tip on finding businesses that could be interested in your social media services, for example, would be to use a service like For those who don”t know Yelp is a very popular website where one can go to look at reviews from customers on various businesses and oftentimes when searching you will find a very highly rated business that has the contact number, address, and some will not even have a basic website let alone a Facebook fan page for its loyal customers can go to engage and post photos and engage directly with the establishment, so you can see how a skill such as being simply decently proficient with social media site creation can be very profitable and bring in life-changing income for you and your families if you know these methods. Now is a good time to take a look deeper at what skills you possess.


Identifying the problems that businesses are willing to pay for such as needs for a social media presence as mentioned above is just one problem amongst many that businesses are willing to pay you for solving and it is up to you to bring forth solutions and resolutions for these types of problems. In the fall of 2007 year my freshman year in college I already had a polished tech skillset such a being proficient in coding Html5 CSS3 and JavaScript which I learned in middle school through self-education via books and courses online and also with inspiration from close relatives who were programmers and technicians as well. This however was not enough even being technically proficient and comfortable around a web server was not enough to just make money online so I started looking at those who were already making money online and what they were asking for for their businesses and this is where I would strike because it wasn’t about technical know how so


much as business needs and solutions. I had already invested a lot of money personally as the year progressed in search engine optimization which is in essence optimizing and website, blog or any other web-based platform to be loved and accepted, indexed and highly ranked via the big search engines such as Google, and bing. Having these skills I set out to look for businesses who could use someone with a skill set so I took to the warrior forum a place that a lot of you will be familiar with. This was really a super simple task as after stumbling upon the warrior forum I noticed that there were specific sections where business owners who were already established were actually requesting services. This to me was a no-brainer there was a section in the warrior forum in which many were constantly posting looking for services to pay for to provide solutions for their business so things started to click and I started to consume post after post on the warrior forum and viewing business after business to see which seemed serious and I started contacting via private message the owners of these businesses and advising to them of my vast knowledge of the subject and studying under some of the internet marketing greats such as John Reese for example who was/is a very successful online marketer who has always been a go to guy when it came to learning and studying the art of social media marketing and web 2.0 properties. I ended up coming across this one guy who was well respected within the forum and very active and he always posted relevant and helpful information and he was already profitable but I saw that he was moving in the direction of increasing his services by offering blog creation for established business and this is when I knew that I had something I could offer. I actually before I made initial contact did a lot of research on this guy before reaching out to him via a contact number on one of his websites and I was able to call him and it legitimately was about ~2:30a.m I was that motivated to make contact and position an offer to him which in hindsight


I probably could have called at a more appropriate time but when you’re hungry and serious, time sometimes just doesn’t seem to matter as much. This marketer to my surprise answered and I quickly spewed to him how serious I was and that I wanted to be given an opportunity to show him my seriousness and would like to even work for him for free to show my value and capability and he decided to schedule a skype call with me and I was very excited because at the time he was looking for $2,997 for his coaching & mentoring program which as a fresh college student I didn’t have just floating around but what I did have was search engine optimization skills which I knew he was trying to increase given his posts and queries on the warrior forum which was smart on his behalf and showed one reason why he was so successful he was always looking for additional ways to improve upon his services that he used as well as offered to his clients. The following day we made contact on a skype call and I told him my intentions were ultimate to be able to learn and how I endeavored to run my own internet business as well but didn’t have the funds so I advised to him I wished to work and give him my services up front free to show him that I was serious and new my stuff and wasn’t just some random college kid looking to snatch a few dollars and not expect to do any work and that money would just fall out of the sky but he accepted and I knew that this was my time and he sent over my first assignment with a set of instructions of what was needed for a 5 figure paying client that he was currently working with that needed a properly optimized blog. This was the problem that his specific 5 figure clients had that he needed to provide solutions for and I knew exactly what needed to be done by the skills that I had learned so I felt more than confident that I would be able to meet the needs of these high paying clients. This turned out to be a great experience as I had become so proficient with web 2.0 properties such as squidoo, blogger, wordpress, and many


more so it was not an issue for me to provide a content rich blog that was properly linked and monetized with multiple avenues of income, solid back links, appropriate keyword research even demographic optimization was something that was implemented and available and this was all just ONE skill that I was super proficient at and the Guru marketer I was working for was so surprised and not just the speed and efficiency of the turn around times I was producing but the quality and overall quality of the work that he sent me a paypal check of $499 to my paypal business account and it was the greatest feeling ever. This was my first significant payment for turning out a quality optimized informative blog for a client in the health niche at the time which I was able to complete in just a day.

The clients he continued to bring in and the avg payment for my was around

~$299-$500+ depending on how much work the client wanted for their web property. Clearly, this was a life-changing event for me as after I went through this process I quickly learned of other ways which I will be listing which can help scale and find more clients that are more than ready and willing to have these type of services and almost any other kind of services you can think of. You may be thinking “hey I’m not a search engine optimization expert like you so what can I do to actually make people want to pay me?” Here is the thing, this process can easily be over analyzed and can cause paralysis by analysis and yields you just being stuck. In the next section, I will expand on where to go to look for specifically to find people with wallets in hand ready to buy services that just about anyone can fulfill with a bit of time and effort which huge rewards.

Step 2 Where to find those looking to pay YOU!

 Below I will be listing a few simple places to where anyone with just about any skill will be sure to find exactly where to simply and easily offer their services and start making some additional income and truly expanding their businesses no matter what niche you are in there is something out there for you. Some of these you may already know some maybe you will not even if you do have you truly put in an effort to even qualify it as an attempt, again remember, whatever you invest be that time, money, or effort, the return will definitely depend upon the quality of your execution, so enough coaching lets get to the sources.


This is a classic and has already been mentioned before but to this day this is definitely a place where not only are thousands looking to make money there are already that many and more already making consistent income looking to expand their businesses and many of them are looking for skills that many of you possess right now its just a matter of you getting out there and offering your services. To make this even better there is a specific section on the warrior forum which is the “Wanted – Members Looking To Hire You” section on warrior forum which you can see for yourself if you Click Here. As you can see there are tons of people who are looking to pay for various services even one is looking to pay those who even just throw a link on their own website(can you say passive income?) keep in mind these type of offers come in on the daily, there is a lot of cash out there you just have to know where to find it and how to get in front of it and this direct approach of literally going to where people are saying “HEY I WANT TO PAY YOU FOR SOMETHING” is so easy I find it hard for anyone not to make money after looking at this section for just 45 min to an hr if that long even you are sure to find something here that fits your skills that you have and if not, it is always a good idea to continue your marketing education to learn newer things because as your skills increase so does the value of the services that you offer and you can charge more of a premium price when you are offering premium services with a premium skill set.

Another Great section that many fail to utilize is the Warrior forums classified Ads section to where you can post an ad and the thousands of visitors that come to the site will be able to see that you are offering services so when you post your simple classified Ad with your services and make the posts as you sleep the warrior forum is doing the heavy lifting of advertising your services to others and this also allows you to engage and make a quality presence known on the warrior forum too along with doing some quality posts here as frequently as possible will build rapport with the community as well too and people will definitely be more inclined to trust you after you have provided value as well too for free on the community so then when it comes to the time that you are offering a product or selling something they already know from your background that you are bringing quality information for free so they will feel much more acquainted if they can look back on a few posts and see where you truly had a genuine desire to help.


That’s all for the Warrior Forum Classified Ads sections.


Next up is a big one here that often gets overlooked but there is a ton of money on this site alone so definitely make use of this platform to have another income stream working for you.



Fiverr is one of the hottest platforms and not just for selling your own services but also a place to purchase services to outsource different services as well too for prices from just $5 with a lot of them being quality work but keep in mind there are thousands of services that go for much higher as there is a range of services and levels here so the sky is truly the limit here with fiverr and I highly suggest anyone offering services to make sure that they make great use of this platform and wash the payments start rolling in. This website is very easy to get started it is literally the equivalent of signing up for an email account so please don’t take this source for granted.


Another Huge one that I personally feel is overlooked is

almost feel compelled to say  that this website is somewhat of a sleeper but here is a place that a lot of services are offered as well as purchased so similar to fiverr but more so on this site you will find jobs that are not starting at the low $5 price point so when you are scaling and also looking to reach as many potential clients as possible upwork is definitely a website that you should be involved on and it is also quick and easy to get started just like fiverr. One key piece of advice here is to make sure that when you do have a few sales going you can use those completed sales and testimonials to be a testament to your work so as you expand and scale and use other platforms to offer your services you have a portfolio in essence of completed jobs to show, because once you start selling your services at the


premium level for more income you will definitely need to bring your A game here and make sure you can back up your knowledge and/or skill set. Be Professional but at the same time be uniquely who you truly are because people absolutely love to do business with someone who truly is a genuine pleasure to work with keep that in mind as well when you over deliver on what you are offering. Provided great value is the key.




Step 3:: Offffeering the Best To Receive tthhe BBeest


I cannot stress this critical point enough that Offering the absolute best value for your clients is not an option this is what separates those who are truly making a living online versus those who start projects and either a. never finish or b. produce shabby half-hearted work. The more value that you can offer will only boost your conversions and overall income. This should be common sense but most overlook this and just choose to continue to look for that quick overnight millionaire shiny red button(good luck with that) instead of building a foundation of structure and value because once you do this you will have more clients and interactions that you can reply to, but that’s when you have the option of hiring a personal virtual assistant to help out with these situations but thats for a different course altogether when it comes to outsourcing. So back on track here, its simply about the value. I will not expand much on this because its something that already I feel its consistently overly analyzed but can definitely be put into simple terms. For example, hypothetically if you were to spend $100 of your hard earned money for say a simple blog to be established and you saw two services providers asking


for the same price and one of those providers not only creates the site for for you but also throws in a s.e.o optimization package for free to make sure that your blog starts getting traffic and looks good to the search engines versus the provider who only hands you the keys and say “here you go” which would you spend your money on? Again this is a no brainer and honestly shouldn’t need any more elaboration than that.


Step 4: Continued Education and Personal Growth


So Continued education in regards to your skill set should always consistently be honed and sharpened like a frequently used knife, you have to maintain the sharpness and integrity of your business if you wish for it to continue to grow and excel and not let you down, you ultimately cannot let yourself down. In essence whatever skills you already possess never become complacent you should always stay engaged, ambitious to continue to grow and to do better. Many will think this means studying business strategies and methods all day etc.. which is definitely important but its a lot more to it than just the technical or business skills because at the end of the day we all have to take care of ourselves as well too and that is why I highly advise that you invest within some helpful ebooks, audio books, video courses and the like when it comes to self improvement because oftentimes we focus so much on the business and the products as the sales process and the goal of making money but not enough focus is invested on making sure that you yourself are mentally prepared to handle the new challenges, income, growth as your lifestyle changes. Below is a list of books I personally recommend and these are just a  few that are in my personal library that can help you to become mentally conditioned and poised to successfully overcome obstacles both big and small because the reality of it is that oftentimes the road block is not the business but it is ourselves and the mentality that we posses that hinders us from success. These are just a few books to get started there are many more that are out there as well too exploring and learning should always be and personally I feel will always be a large part of the journey.


List of quality self help books that will boost your efficiency in your business are as follows

  • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murray
  • The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Danny Penman, Mark G. Williams, and Mark Williams

Be sure to check out a few of these and there are so many more as well too but again taking care of yourself is key within doing great in anything we set out in life and these books will help in more aspects than just business so enjoy these to help improve your overall quality of life.

Step 5 wash, rinse, repeat & scale

 This step should be pretty straightforward as well, as you start to see the sales coming in and you have a few satisfied customers and as you gain experience, you can take the direction of your business truly to any height that you seek, its totally up to you whether you just repeat verbatim the steps above that will get you consistent results or you can continue your education and add new skills to increase the VALUE of your services and products offered and continue to build your own personal online empire and enjoy the fact that you are not just taking money from someone and running away but actually truly helping them solve a problem, providing them with the service, product, knowledge or whatever it is that you have to offer and nothing in the world can buy that feeling when you actually product something that’s legitimate and with the intent to genuinely help others, to me personally not much is more fulfilling than helping others so when you can do it for a living or even if its just part time for you always put your best out there and you will truly be rewarded and blessed as you scale and increase your income and also increase your reach to continue to help others into the foreseeable future as this is evergreen as there will always be problems that need to be solved as well as clients ready to pay for geniuine help.

Final Thoughts

 I will wrap this up by saying that I appreciate you investing in yourself most importantly and hope that this product help to be a positive beacon in your internet marketing journey and that you actually apply the steps and stick with it consistently you will definitely not regret it. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people who are helping to uplift and support you and continue to invest in yourself and other quality products and you are certain to have a fruitful Internet Marketing Journey just as I did.


To your success, Damien Parrott


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